49ers want to see how Lance handles complicated offense – fr

49ers want to see how Lance handles complicated offense – fr

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Mini notes of day 1 of the 49ers rookie minicamp

Trey Lance = fun to watch

But that was our first look at Trey Lance in a 49ers uniform, on the pitch with a helmet, at least in theory leading the offense.

I wasn’t keeping track of all of Lance’s 7v7 passes, because, again, it was 7v7 with other rookies, and neither of those players yet know the full offense or defense. But for those of you who are understandably interested in putting a number on performance, Lance was either 20 out of 24 or 19 out of 24, respectively by Matt Maiocco and Eric Branch.

Never mind Lance’s completion statistics. What matters is that he hasn’t looked out of his element at all. He’s been active with quarterback coach Rich Scangarello in personal drills, working on things that will be worked out and sorted out and sorted out until they’re right; footwork, eye positioning, arm angles, timing, etc.

Trey Lance rumors: Latest on what the 49ers are looking to see from Rookie QB in Minicamp

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler on Sports center, the Niners “just want to see how [Lance] handles a fairly complicated attack with a lot of long, play call verbiage.

Fowler then added that the 49ers “want to see how good a guy is in person,” after being told during the pre-draft process that people “gravitate” to Lance.

49ers 5 toughest quarterback games for Jimmy Garoppolo in 2021

N ° 5: Semaine 15 – 49ers vs Matt Ryan, Falcons

It’s true that veteran Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is in the process of rebuilding himself. But Niners fans may remember how the Falcons came out on top against San Francisco at the end of 2019 in defining a trap game.

Garoppolo was pretty good in this game, going 22 of 34 for 200 yards with a touchdown and a passer rating of 90.3. But Ryan’s winning draw to wide receiver Julio Jones belatedly turned out to be the difference.

As long as Jones stays in the Falcons mix, and with Atlanta’s commitment to Ryan for the time being, it could be a dangerous game for Jimmy G to get a win.

Especially with the Falcons adding Florida tight end Kyle Pitts to No. 4 in this year’s NFL Draft, as Pitts was widely regarded as the top wide receiver among all in the class.

49ers QBs Lance and Garoppolo get along as expected

Lance is a small step ahead of the average rookie, having played in a pro-style offense in the state of North Dakota which the quarterback says has some similarities. Shanahan’s plan is an NFL offense with more detail and content, but Lance is grateful to his college coaches for putting him in the best position for a smooth transition.

Throughout the rookie mini-camp, Lance said offensive players will be given smaller sections of the playbook at a time so they don’t get overwhelmed. After waiting six to seven months to find out which system he would play in, Lance said he was eager to get his hands on the playbook and excited to start with the 49ers.

8 takeaways from Trey Lance and 49ers Rookie Minicamp – 49ers.com

4. One of Lance’s incompleteness came from a tilted ball by undrafted linebacker Justin Hilliard.

5. Sixth-round running back Elijah Mitchell caught his four passes from Lance. One of his most impressive strokes came in the unit’s final set of drills of the day, as Mitchell picked up the 10-yard pass through traffic and posted his top speed of 4.32. at 40 yards into the open field.

6. Lee carried the longest reception of the day. The veteran wide caught a 20-yard pass from rookie QB.


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