49ers have the NFL’s worst travel distance disadvantage – fr

49ers have the NFL’s worst travel distance disadvantage – fr

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The 2021 NFL schedule won’t be easy for the 49ers from a travel standpoint.

San Francisco has the most net travel miles in the NFL in 2021, according to ESPN. The 49ers will cover nearly 8,000 miles longer than their opponents, round trip.

The 49ers will also cover over 28,000 miles in the 2021 season, the most of any team. But net travel miles count more than total distance traveled, because net travel miles also count towards distance traveled by your opponent. Traveling to London can cost you a lot, but your opponent has to make the trip too, so it balances out. (The four teams playing in London this year are teams from the East Coast.)

But the 49ers have a lot of road trips to faraway places, and their opponents don’t have to travel this far to face them.

How should we look at net travel miles? For starters, disregard division matches, as each team faces their division opponents once at home and once on the road, so regardless of the travel disadvantage you experience playing a division game on road, this division opponent will have the same drawback when visiting. you.

Also keep in mind that this year, the first 17-game NFL season, NFC teams will play nine road games, while AFC teams will play nine home games. Unsurprisingly, the 12 teams with the worst distance traveled disadvantage all play in the NFC.

The 49ers have out of division trips to Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Jacksonville, Cincinnati and Tennessee. Their home games without a division are against Green Bay, Indianapolis, Minnesota and Houston.


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