3 things we’ve seen when Mavericks turn off the heat, 127-113 – fr

3 things we’ve seen when Mavericks turn off the heat, 127-113 – fr

The Dallas Mavericks beat a shorthanded Miami Heat 127-113 team on Tuesday night in Miami.

It was the same song but a different verse for the Mavericks as the Heat raced to a 14-3 lead on the back of several Trevor Ariza trebles. As a team, the Heat conceded eight of nine lines and generated 11 assists in total while being led by Ariza’s 16 points in the first quarter. Dallas faced a 39-30 deficit after one.

The second quarter was knocked down by the time this happened:

More on that later, but Green played the entire quarter and it was no coincidence that the Mavericks beat the Heat 33-15 in the frame to take a 63-54 lead in the half.

Dallas kept the energy going in the third, with Green winning a nod to start the second half. Tim Hardaway Jr. burned the net as the Mavericks pushed ahead for a 98-77 lead in the final quarter.

The Mavericks executed the fourth quarter perfectly as Doncic (and Green) watched the second unit freeze the away game. Although the Heat scored 36 points in the frame, the Mavericks have just enough to never put the game in jeopardy. Hardaway led the way with 36 points (13 of 24 from the field, 10 of 18 of three) as the Mavericks beat the Shorthanded Heat, 127-113.

On some notes of the game:

The Josh Green game

It’s been a long season for Green, who was given plenty of playing time early on but looked completely overwhelmed – like a rookie thrown to the wolves without benefiting from a normal offseason. Then he disappeared for a while, spending time in the G League while also being buried on the bench in the big leagues. However, tonight was a glimpse of what Green brings, which is energy and excitement. The Mavericks looked lifeless until Green checked in early in the second quarter, but his juice was just what Dallas needed.

I wrote a streak early in the second quarter where Green collected an offensive rebound, then scored a tough layup in traffic before stealing the ball a few plays later. I thought maybe this was the highlight of Green’s game, but it was far from over. He continued to play the entire second quarter in which the Mavericks dominated, and he started the third quarter which went the same way as the second. From the start of the second at a mark of 2:57 in the third (every minute played by Josh Green), the Mavericks outscored the Heat 61-33.

Green crushed the boards, dived to the ground for loose balls, and showed tremendous vision like this:

Green, who finished with four points, four rebounds, three assists and three steals in 24 hard-earned minutes, finally had his “welcome to the NBA moment”, and it was a lot of fun to watch. You cannot teach Green’s effort.

The Southern Splash Bros

Granted, it doesn’t really get out of the tongue, but that’s what Doncic and Hardaway were as the Mavericks blitzed the Heat in the second and third quarters. The duo combined for 59 points connecting 15 by 28 deep. Each player in turn dazzled the Miami crowd with an impressive range of shooting, but I want to take a moment to distinguish Hardaway.

The man couldn’t be missed, and tonight was a prime example of how Hardaway single-handedly can pop games when he’s on it. He tied the team record for three times and set a personal best with 10 and could have secured the record had he not missed some late open threes.

Hardaway (36 points) looked rejuvenated after securing the last game, and he’s now made 18 trebles in his last three games. It was a rebounding performance for Doncic (23 points) after going 2-for-13 deep in his previous two.

Dallas dominated by far after the first quarter

The first quarter was one to forget for Dallas as Miami took a big lead by connecting with eight of its first nine three-point attempts. Conversely, the Mavericks made three of their seven triples, but volume kept them behind. From there it was all Dallas like the dry well for Miami. Over the past three quarters, the Heat have made just 10 of 32 three-point attempts while the Mavericks have rained 18 of 40 deep. That’s a differential of over 24 points and more than enough to turn the game around decisively. As frustrating as the Mavericks’ debut was, the team is still a blast from Hardaway Jr. away from leading a team out of the gym. The Mavericks and Heat just made it to opposite ends of the three-point spectrum that made up the Mavericks’ race.

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