3 reasons why this event will push Cardano in this direction –

3 reasons why this event will push Cardano in this direction – fr

Cardano’s Alonzo hard fork, the planned upgrade rollout is something traders are anticipating. Altcoin was currently trading at $ 1.76, with trade volume declining nearly 8%. Cardano’s plan to introduce smart contract capabilities is underway and will likely have a positive impact on sentiment among traders. Meanwhile, the price reflects demand, in proportion.

Cardano Price Chart | Source: CoinGecko

After plunging to the $ 1.16 level, the recovery in prices was accompanied by an increase in social volume. Market capitalization is up 4.31% and demand on spot exchanges and derivatives has increased steadily after the recovery.

1.chain analysis

Based on chain analysis, updates, and ADA partnerships, the price trend changes are evident. The positive sentiment among traders is evident due to the increase in the number of transactions, users and volume of trading on the network.

The impact of a deployment on traders’ portfolios should be largely positive in the short term. Based on data from Messari,

Short-term ROI | Source: Messari

2. ROI d’ADA

ADA’s short-term return on investment is likely to drive demand. Since last year the price has increased by over 3000% and with increasing network activity, deployment and updates, it is likely that this will continue. Additionally, revenue from staking is on the rise and more Cardano is on the line now than 90 days ago which is another positive sign for long term ROI.

The upcoming deployment will likely involve a new voting system, payment systems, new methods of identification and exchange of securities. This project is still ongoing, however, this is a big push for traders accumulating ADA.

3. Adoption

In addition, Cardano’s recent partnership with Africa, more specifically, IOHK’s partnership with the Ethiopian government to transform the education system using Cardano is likely to make Cardano more mainstream, increase use, l long-term network activity and demand. The Goguen era includes making Cardano available to the general public, resulting in an increase in the number of users, markets and daily trading volume. An increase in the number of users is likely to increase Cardano’s liquidity and volatility leading to a long and sustained price rally.


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