2021 Land Rover Defender 110 SE D300 UK test –

2021 Land Rover Defender 110 SE D300 UK test – fr

To compare the performance of this new Ingenium engine to the aforementioned Ford-derived powertrain would be a real injustice. Accelerating so quickly and effortlessly in a car of this size will always be new (the 0-62 mph sprint, Land Rover says, can be cracked in 7.0 seconds – faster than its gasoline four- and six-cylinder equivalents), and for such an amount of torque accessible across the entire rev range – and at all legal speeds – will be a godsend in any driving situation.

Truck ahead traveling at 55 mph in the middle lane? Kick down, count to five and there you are. A steep slope of 40 degrees prevents access to the quarry you must enter? Similar story, lower speeds. Whether or not you think the Defender deserves its rugged styling or its sacred nickname, there’s no denying that the versatile utility and foolproof capability of a large-capacity oil burner sends its reserves to both axles. There is, admittedly, a slightly delayed response when stabbing the throttle which can be a dent on busy roundabouts etc.

Thankfully, while it’s much more audible than its gasoline-powered lineup mates, it’s nowhere near as grumpy as the old Defender’s diesels, and once it’s up to date, sets quietly in the background. It also gets on like a house on fire with Land Rover’s intuitively configured eight-speed automatic transmission, which serves the cogs quickly and with impeccable timing once underway.


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