2-year-old girl died the day after “mysterious cough and vomiting at birthday party” – World News – fr

2-year-old girl died the day after “mysterious cough and vomiting at birthday party” – World News – fr

A toddler died just one day after a coughing fit where she started throwing up at a birthday party, it has been reported.
Isabella Lamont was 20 months old when she died after being taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital in the Victorian border town of Wodonga, Australia, in October 2018.

The little one was at a birthday party the day before his tragic death.

She later had a seizure where she turned purple, went limp and reportedly “barely breathed,” according to the Victoria Coroners Court on Tuesday.

News.com.au reports that an autopsy revealed she suffered cardiac arrest with swelling of the brain, but how it happened was not resolved, assistant lawyer Libby Murphy said.

“The cause of death has not been determined,” she added.

Le Royal Children’s Hospital de Melbourne

A doctor who performed the autopsy reportedly discovered that it may have been caused by head trauma, accidental or otherwise.

The court reportedly heard that before the birthday party, Isabella “coughed continuously” before she started vomiting all night.

She was heard “moaning” from midnight onwards and her father slept with her in the living room before getting up early for birthday lunch.

At the party, other children told the adults that Isabella was lying on the floor in the children’s playroom.

The girl was placed in a high chair and allegedly ate jelly with the other children, but later threw it up.

She was returned to the playroom but was found lying on the floor looking “sad” before the family left.

Patricia Lamont with her daughter

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, it was around 5:30 pm when Isabella “felt limp and unable to stand” before her body stiffened and began to turn purple.

Doctors were called and found the child was barely breathing and was unresponsive.

She died on October 7 at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Her mother, Patricia Lamont, reportedly said the process had taken “so long” and that she still wanted justice for her daughter.

She said in a statement: “I want answers. I want justice done for my daughter. Those responsible must be held to account and the systems that led to this tragedy must be reformed. ”

Another hearing will take place later this year in Melbourne.


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