2 million points scored in MLB –

2 million points scored in MLB – fr

There have been many, many runs scored in Major League history, and now we have a huge round number to cite: Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson scored the two millionth point in Major League history. sport. Donaldson scored the historic tally on Nelson Cruz’s brace against Royals right-hander Ervin Santana in the first set on Saturday. The Elias Sports Bureau, the official MLB statisticians, recently verified the total number of points scored in anticipation of this milestone.

The official history of MLB dates back to 1876 when the National League first started playing. According to research by official MLB historian John Thorn, the first inning came on April 22 of that year – in the season opener, between the Boston Red Stockings, now the Braves, and the Philadelphia Athletics. This track team is not tied to the A’s or the Phillies today – that franchise only existed for the 1876 season. The first point was scored by Red Stockings wide receiver Tim McGinley.

Without a timestamp, it’s difficult to pinpoint the specific milestone between today’s first and two millionths.

In 1975, Bob Watson was celebrated for scoring the millionth run in MLB history, but subsequent research suggests it may not have been the milestone it was thought to be at the time. This stems from the 1969 addition of leagues beyond the NL and AL to the historic record, when the MLB officially recognized the Federal League, the Labor Association and others.

At this point, as Saturday’s milestone is the two millionth on record, in a sense that number has already been hit. With the pending inclusion of Black League stats as part of the Major League records announced last year, there will already have been a two millionth race when these are factored in.


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