19 golfers faced off over the weekend at The Bridges in Tillsonburg, Ont. – fr

19 golfers faced off over the weekend at The Bridges in Tillsonburg, Ont. – fr

LONDON, ONT. – Nineteen golfers were charged under the Ontario Reopening Act over the weekend after playing at the Bridges at Tillsonburg Golf Course in Tillsonburg, Ont.

Among them was Rick Cober from Kitchener, Ont. who wanted to sarcastically thank Premier Doug Ford for his $ 880 fine.

“It’s a bit ridiculous. We are socially left behind, ”says Cober.

“The clubhouse does a great job, only two people at a time socially mask themselves from a distance. There isn’t much about it, it is an outdoor activity that can be played perfectly far from each other. “

However, Cober continued to tell CTV News London that he and his playmate who was in the car with him traveled from Kitchener to Tillsonburg.

It is for this reason that the government has been strengthening for two weeks the fact that the courses remain closed.

“There’s the activity itself and then there’s the activity,” said Dr. Dirk Huyer, Chief Coroner of Ontario.

“People may have shared vehicles and in vehicles being in close contact while having a potentially greater chance of transmission. So I think it’s really about thinking about the big picture where mobility is once again becoming one of the key fundamental factors to take into account to ensure that we are reducing our mobility, reducing our movements, and therefore limiting our intersections. with others, except for those where they may need to do so for various reasons, or if there is a particular family member or friend with whom they would associate, ”he adds.

Citing privacy concerns, the OPP did not tell CTV News where one of the 19 fined golfers resides in Tillsonburg. They said, however, that many of them came from different parts of southwestern Ontario.

Since the course opened, CTV News London has spoken with golfers from the Six Nations of the Grand River, Kitchener and London.

While the golf industry does not support opening bridges, it continues to say golf is safe.

Golf Ontario has been lobbying the government, and GM Mike Kelly recently released the plea.

“To the Ontario government, I ask you to heed the clear evidence, golf is safe. We’ve all proven that in 2020 and early 2021. It’s not just golf, but soccer fields, tennis courts, and tennis courts. good. The science is clear. “

At this point, both parties have sunken heels. Unless golfers keep showing up due to a ticket or the government makes changes to the Ontario Reopening Act, it looks like this impasse and debate will continue.


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