19 best tweets about Guy Fieri’s Big Money contract –

19 best tweets about Guy Fieri’s Big Money contract – fr

“Flavortown” is now worth eight digits!

Do you host Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”? Do you have bleached spiked hair? Do you describe delicious food as “Bomb-Dot-Com Tasty”? You could be American restaurateur Guy Fieri and swim in cash.

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It’s safe to say that Twitter was stunned by the eight-figure deal and had some fun:

😁Guy Fieri after signing an $ 80 million contract with the food network …………


The Food Network pays Guy Fieri $ 80 million over 3 years. At $ 26.6 million a year, Fieri is said to be the 15th highest-paid player in the NFL. That’s more than… • Tom Brady • Khalil Mack • Aaron Donald • Julio Jones • Odell Beckham Jr. • Jalen Ramsey • Amari Cooper

Twitter: @JoePompliano


Guy Fieri has just signed a 3-year $ 80 million contract with the Food Network. Athletes make a lot of money, but this guy makes almost $ 27 million a year to eat and complete the cook without the risk of injury unless he stumbles on the sidewalk.

Twitter: @midtownterp


Not exactly funny, but just speaking of the facts:

Food Network struck a deal so Guy Fieri would only get $ 80 million over three years. “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” might be the most persistent content on TV. It never goes out of fashion.

Twitter: @darrenrovell

Safe to say you can expect more Guy’s Grocery Games and Dinners, drive-ins and dives over the next three years. Get your money’s worth, Food Network!

What’s your favorite Guy Fieri slogan? Do you prefer Triple D or Triple G? Comments below!

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