18,658 COVID-19 vaccines administered, 196 new cases – fr

18,658 COVID-19 vaccines administered, 196 new cases – fr

Vaccine reservation system open to 23 years and over
Eligibility for the provincial immunization program based on age is currently 23 years and over. He remains 18 years and over for the Northern Saskatchewan Administrative District. This applies to all vaccination clinics: booked appointments, drive-thru / walk-in, pharmacies and mobile clinics.

Priority frontline workers are also eligible. A list of these occupations is available at www.saskatchewan.ca/covid19-vax-eligible. Eligible priority groups can visit a drive-through or walk-in clinic, make an appointment with a participating pharmacy, or call 1-833-SaskVax (1-833-727-5829) to make an appointment through the SHA reservation. Priority frontline workers will be required to provide proof of employment at the time of immunization (a pay stub, letter from their employer, or copy of a professional license).

Residents 23 and older can reserve online at www.saskatchewan.ca/COVID19 or by calling 1-833-SaskVax (1-833-727-5829). They can also attend a drive-thru or book at a participating pharmacy. Additional information on how to make your appointment is available at www.saskatchewan.ca/covid19-vaccine-booking. Please do not call until you are eligible to book your vaccination appointment.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has set up drive-through and walk-in clinics across the province. For the addresses and opening hours of these clinics, visit www.saskatchewan.ca/drive-thru-vax.

The current list of pharmacies offering vaccines is available at www.saskatchewan.ca/covid19-pharmacies. Find participating pharmacies near you using the map tool.

There may be clinical options outside of your community and residents are encouraged to consider these other locations for vaccination. Additional stops should be avoided if possible when traveling to another community for a date. More clinics will be added as new vaccine shipments are received.

The Drayton, North Dakota Vaccination Clinic has changed its hours of operation. Qualifying truck drivers and essential energy workers will be able to receive their vaccine between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Reservation of the second dose available from Monday for priority populations

As of Monday, May 17, anyone 85 years of age and over or anyone who received their first dose before February 15 will be able to reserve their second dose. Those diagnosed or treated for cancer and those who have received a solid organ transplant will receive an eligibility letter in the mail which will allow them access to a second dose.

For all other residents, your eligibility to reserve for the second doses will be announced based on age and priority sequencing of the first doses.

Starting Monday, May 17, second-dose vaccinations will be available at participating pharmacies across the province, through drive-in and walk-in clinics of the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) as well as clinics operated by Indigenous Services Canada and the Northern Inter- Tribal Health Authority (NITHA).

Be prepared by knowing when you received your first vaccine. If you don’t know the date or if you have misplaced the wallet card that came with your first dose, call 1-833-SaskVax (1-833-727-5829) and they can provide you with that date or check your vaccination. . History on your MySaskHealthRecord account.

At your second appointment, the clinic or pharmacy will validate the time and brand of your first dose to ensure that you receive your second dose within the recommended time frame. The type of vaccine available at each location will be announced to ensure that you receive the same brand of vaccine for your second dose.

Right now, public health plans to offer your second dose of COVID-19 vaccine to match the brand of your first dose. National reviews of the safety and effectiveness of second-dose brand swapping are underway and the provincial policy on maintaining the same brand for the second dose may be updated as a result of this. exam.

COVID-19 Daily Statistics

There are 196 new cases of COVID-19 to report in Saskatchewan on May 15, bringing the provincial total to 44,364 cases. Eight cases tested outside the province were added to the following areas: Northwest, two; and North Central, six.

One new death is reported today in the 80 and over age group in the Regina area.

The new cases are located in the following areas: Far North West, three; Far Northeast, four; Northwest, 19; Center-North, 21; Northeast, two; Saskatoon, 67; Center-West, three; Center-East, 20; Regina, 26; Southwest, nine; South Central, five; and Southeast, 13. Four new cases are awaiting information on their residence. Four cases for which residence information was pending were attributed to the following areas: North Center, three; and Southeast, one. A previously unreported case has been added to the Northeast Zone.

Recoveries total 41,776 and 2,072 cases are considered active.

There are 144 people in the hospital. One hundred and eighteen people receive hospital care: Far North West, one; Northwest, five; North Center, six; Saskatoon, 50; Center-East, three; Regina, 41; Southwest, four; South Central, five; and Southeast, three. Twenty-six people are in intensive care: Northwest, one; Center-North, one; Saskatoon, 11; Center-East, one; and Regina, 12.

The seven-day average of the new number of COVID-19 cases is 193 (15.7 new cases per 100,000).

There were 3,511 COVID-19 tests processed in Saskatchewan on May 14, 2021.

To date, 819,738 COVID-19 tests have been processed in Saskatchewan. As of May 13, 2021, when other provincial and national figures were available, Saskatchewan’s per capita rate was 688,314 tests performed per million population. The national rate was 875,159.

As of May 14, 9,085 variants of concern have been identified by testing in Saskatchewan, reported in the following areas: Far Northwest, 203; Far North-East, 12; Northwest, 373; North Center, 279; Northeast, 53; Saskatoon, 1,233; Center-West, 97; Center-East, 435; Regina, 4,348; Southwest, 313; Center-South, 654; and Sud-Est, 942. There are 143 VOCs tested with residence pending.

There are three hundred and thirty-seven new lineage results reported today. Of the 4443 VOCs with lines identified by whole genome sequencing in Saskatchewan, 4341 are B. (UK), 87 are P.1 (Brazil), 10 are B.1.351 (SA) and five are B . 1.617 (Indian).

Negative COVID-19 test results on your phone

Starting Wednesday, May 19, you will be able to receive notification of a negative COVID-19 test result through an automated text messaging system. To prepare for this notification option, starting Friday, May 14, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) will introduce data collection through the online request form at drive-thru and static test sites. All patients who test positive for COVID-19 will still receive a public health call, providing them with instructions on self-isolation and for answering contact tracing questions. If your COVID-19 test is negative, you can receive your results by text message to your cell phone.

NITHA numbers

There are 28 active cases of COVID-19 in NITHA communities.

These cases are located in the Far North-Center (Athabasca), one, the Far North-West, 10, the Far-North-East, 17 and the North-East, 0; 3,481 cases (98%) have recovered and one person is hospitalized.

There are 10 active cases of COVID-19 (COV) variants of concern in NITHA communities. These cases are located in the Far North West, five, and the Far North East, five.

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