11 million vaccines needed for a ‘two-dose summer’ in Ontario – fr

How many COVID-19 vaccines can Ontario expect in April?

TORONTO – Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government says the province will need 11 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in July and August to fulfill Premier Doug Ford’s promise of a fully vaccinated population of here the end of summer.

The pledge came after Prime Minister Trudeau said every eligible Canadian should be offered a dose of the vaccine this summer and be fully vaccinated “by September”, allowing normal life to resume in the fall. .

The Premier, expressing his dissatisfaction with this timeline, proposed a new one instead: vaccinate Ontarians before September 22, the official end of summer.

“If we get the supply, we’ll work on the back to have a two-dose summer, instead of a one-dose summer,” Ford said Thursday.

To achieve this, the government has said it will require millions of additional doses during the summer months from the federal government.

“Assuming there is no disruption in supply, 11 million more vaccines for everyone in Ontario 12 and more than two doses,” PC MPP David Piccini told CTVNews Toronto.

While the government has not said when they should receive those doses to meet that goal, the province expects to receive nearly seven million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines over the next six weeks.

As additional doses arrive, members of the provincial vaccine distribution task force believe the province will begin to shorten the time between doses and rely on 24-hour clinics and pharmacies to fully immunize. eligible Ontarians.

“I think it’s pretty reasonable to suggest that many people will get a second dose throughout the summer and cut the four months down to a little less for some people,” disease specialist Dr Isaac Bogoch said. infectious diseases at the University Health Network. .

Although the federal government has not provided exact allocations for July and August, Trudeau said the government will have enough supplies to cover the rest of the population.

Bogoch warns, however, that promises are hard to keep as vaccine delivery faces variables.

“It’s really hard to look anyone in the eye and tell anyone with any degree of certainty when x number of people will be vaccinated. ”


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