10 famous goalkeeper goals after Alisson saved Liverpool’s season at West Brom – fr

10 famous goalkeeper goals after Alisson saved Liverpool’s season at West Brom – fr

Alisson has taken quite a few nicknames in his career: “O Goleiro Gato” (“The Cat-Shaped Goalkeeper”) in his native Brazil, “the German” at Roma thanks to his family heritage and “the holy goalkeeper ”to Liverpool thanks to his faith and almost miraculous rescues.
Now he can add another to the list: “Jimmy Glass luxury”.

Where Glass appeared with a last minute goal to keep Carlisle United in the Football League in 1999, Alisson may have just saved Liverpool’s season. His latest header to the Hawthorns, sealing a 2-1 win over West Brom, kept their Champions League qualifying hopes alive.

He has also made his mark in football folklore as the first goalkeeper to score for Liverpool in the club’s 129-year history, not to mention the first goalkeeper to score a header in the Premier League.

Along with Glass, the patron saint of goaltenders, he’s now part of a select group of stoppers who have changed their roles to put themselves on the scoresheet.

To celebrate his entry into the pantheon of goalkeepers turned attackers, here are 10 of the most memorable goalie goals.

It was a memorable moment for the Liverpool goalkeeper

Peter Schmeichel

Schmeichel has actually scored 10 times in his career, including a goal for Manchester United against Rotor Volgograd in the UEFA Cup.

Arguably his most famous goal came for Aston Villa against Everton in 2001, when he smashed one on the fly and made history as the first Premier League goalkeeper to score.

Brad Friedel

Friedel followed in Schmeichel’s footsteps three years later, cutting into an impromptu shot against Charlton to equalize Blackburn in a Premier League meeting at The Valley.

Unfortunately for him, moments later, Claus Jensen would go 3-2 against the Addicks. All this effort for nothing.

Friedel’s strike will ultimately prove to be in vain

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson’s goal for Spurs against Watford was a classic of the goalie genre.

Taking a free kick deep in his half of the field, he threw the ball into the opponent’s area. A clumsy rebound carried him to Ben Foster, who could only watch desperately as he curled into the back of the net.

Tim Howard

Former Everton mainstay Tim Howard showed his commitment to the goalkeeper’s code of honor after inadvertently sending a bouncing wind-assisted clearance over Adam Bogdan’s head in 2012, refusing to celebrate the only goal of his career.

“It was cruel,” he said afterwards. “I was disappointed from the point of view of the goalkeeper union. You never want to see that happen. It’s not nice, it’s embarrassing, so I felt for Adam but you have to move on.

Howard refused to celebrate his goal

Asmir Begovic

Another great bobbly bouncer, Asmir Begovic scored for Stoke almost straight from the kickoff against Southampton in 2013.

Receiving a routine back pass, Begovic hit him on the pitch only to see him fall between the Saints center-backs and buckle on Artur Boruc. “I feel a little bad for Boruc,” Begovic said afterwards, having also tried his best not to celebrate. “It’s a long ball that got caught in the wind and took a bad bounce. It’s not nice to be the receiver of these things as a goalie.

Jimmy glass

The man, the legend, the ultimate game savior, Jimmy Glass.

His relegation-defying goal for Carlisle became a dormant YouTube hit long after he scored it, bringing joy to a whole new generation of football fans. Those who were truly there to bear witness to it have a memory to cherish until the end of their days.

Arguably the most important goalie of all
Arguably the most important goalie of all

Mark Crossley

He may only have spent a short period on loan at Sheffield on Wednesday, but Crossley made his mark in South Yorkshire.

Arriving for a late corner against Southampton, he thundered one into the back of the net to ensure a dramatic 3-3 draw.

Oscarine Masuluke

While relatively few fans around the world will have seen Oscar Masuluke’s goal against Orlando Pirates live in the South African Premier Division, it quickly went viral and was ultimately nominated for the 2017 Puskas Award.

Although he came in second after Olivier Giroud’s outrageous scorpion kick against Crystal Palace, he could just as easily have been the Goal of the Year. Coming into a corner in added time, Masuluke found himself facing the wrong way at the edge of the zone to snag a bike kick over his head and inside.

Masuluke was nominated for the Puskas Award for this effort
Masuluke was nominated for the Puskas Award for this effort

Andres Palop

When Sevilla won the UEFA Cup in 2007, it was thanks to Andres Palop.

Facing Shakhtar Donetsk in the round of 16, they trailed 2-1 in Ukraine and were on the verge of exiting the competition. Palop came up for a Dani Alvez corner kick and, unscored in the middle of the box, he glanced with a header to the back of the net, sending the game back to extra time before Javier Chevanton scored the winner and put the Spanish side on the silver path.

Rogerio Ceni

While that sounds a bit like cheating, no post about goalkeepers would be complete without mentioning South American greats Rogerio Ceni, Rene Higuita and Jose Luis Chilavert.

Rather than scoring a memorable goal, all three are remembered for scoring numerous penalties and blazing free kicks. While the other two have scored over 100 goals between them, the Ceni are officially the most prolific goalkeeper of all time after scoring 131 times before retiring in 2015.

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