0.1% COVID Positivity Rate in Last Week of Mandatory Testing at UW-Madison – fr

0.1% COVID Positivity Rate in Last Week of Mandatory Testing at UW-Madison – fr

MADISON, Wisconsin – Spring semester has come to an end, which means UW-Madison students are leaving college dorms and approving the Safer Badger app.

According to the most recent data from the university, more than 17,000 students and staff were tested for COVID-19 from April 29 to May 6. Only 18 of them tested positive, compared to 52 people the previous week.

In September, around the start of the school year, the university had a 7-day positivity rate of over 8%, forcing many undergraduates in dorms to self-quarantine.

But, as of last week, data shows that no students in on-campus housing are finishing the year in quarantine facilities.

In January, the university developed the “Safer Badger App” to monitor positive cases of COVID-19 among the campus population. The application served as a mobile key, giving access to the buildings. Students and staff were required to stay in compliance with an updated COVID test every 72 hours.

Starting Monday, people staying on campus will only need to be tested once a week. Additionally, proof of a recent negative test will only be required to enter specific buildings.

As of this week, 68% of employees and at least 39% of students are fully immunized against the virus. The university predicts that as the student population changes over the summer, the number of fully vaccinated students will fluctuate.

The university has seen a decrease in cases on campus and an increase in vaccinations; however, public health guidelines will remain in place.

In the meantime, university officials are asking people to continue wearing masks, social distancing and limiting large gatherings.


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