‘Wynonna Earp’ Series Final Recap: WayHaught Wedding, [Spoiler] Leaves

‘Wynonna Earp’ Series Final Recap: WayHaught Wedding, [Spoiler] Leaves

The following contains spoilers from the Syfy finale of Wynonna Earp.

After four years protecting Purgatory with her Peacemaker, Wynonna Earp literally ride towards sunset. And she did it by riding a motorbike, with Doc Holliday sitting behind her.

Attention, the two almost does not have get together. After the simply magnificent wedding “WayHaught”, Doc (played by Tim Rozon) was determined to put Purgatory in Charlene’s rearview mirror and live her life as “just a man”, and Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) felt compelled to stay. on the spot. Protector of purgatory. But with a stimulating boost from little sister Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), Wynonna caught up with her man and professed her love, after which they decided to travel light, for the first time in a long time, and pay their daughter off. . Alice a visit to Miracles, Montana.

TVLine spoke with series creator Emily Andras about creating this very beautiful finale, at least one “happy accident” that ended up sparking a lot of emotions, and more.

TVLINE | The final has just been broadcast…. What emotions do you hope fans will feel right now?
Just head to toe body heat, love, affection and longing…. And a bit of bitter sweetness. I feel that joy must be associated with longing, so I hope they feel all things. But I don’t hope for a hangover!

TVLINE | At what point over the years have you ever imagined Wynonna and Doc riding towards sunset?
Ahhh! I hardly ever let myself be imagined, you know? It’s so funny – when you start to do a show you have all kinds of ideas about which couples are going to get to the top, who is going to end up who, and one of the joys of Earp is that so many different things have happened. But these two characters certainly deserved the chance to try to be happy, whatever that means to them. I never knew I would have the right to end such a romantic couple with the woman riding the bike and the guy in the back.

TVLINE | I watch this final streak and I almost feel alien, seeing them both heading towards what I consider “the real world”. But I also found that viscerally exciting, to see so much to come for them.
It’s so lovely, thank you for saying that. I want to have the world in front of them and to be such an unusual couple, I would like to see what will happen next for them. I’m sure there will be a lot of crazy sex, crazy arguments and crazy laughs. So, good speed! Godspeed.

TVLINE | When launching an end of season wedding, what is Emily Andras’ marching order? “Above all, this marriage must be…”?
He has to honor all the characters – and by that I mean he has to try to find a moment for every special pairing on the show, not just WayHaught. I think it’s important to respect the path taken by Waverly and Doc; she never gave up on him, she always saw a better man in him – and now he’s becoming the better man! The relationship between Nedley (Greg Lawson) and Nicole (Kat Barrell), that father / daughter bond is so special, so honoring that it was very important.

And at the end of the day, I still think the show’s true love story is the Earp sisters, so I was done to make sure that was honored. I really like the parallel with the pilot, where Wynonna came into town against her will and was so hungry to leave but was forced to stay. And now you’re sure enough how their relationship is progressing that she knows Wynonna deserves to leave – because she will be back.

More than anything, it was about giving each character a moment of happiness. Even Jeremy (Varun Saranga) becomes deputy chief of Black Badge and maybe find a new date…. It was about finding each person a moment of potential joy after going through it. a lot after four seasons.

TVLINE | Talk about the decision to have empty guest chairs with the names of those who are no longer with us or who did not make it to the wedding.
It was such a happy accident. We were on set, it was really in the middle of the pandemic, and we knew we were going to have a limited number of people for the wedding. But then we set up chairs so you could figure out where the aisle was, and they really looked empty. My amazing director, Paolo Barzman, who also did the pilot, and my art director Trevor Smith, came up with this idea. I sort of joked, “Wouldn’t it be cool if you had the ghosts past characters? At the time, they said, “What if we put names on the chairs?” and it was just one of those creepy moments, like, “This is brilliant. So we have people writing these cards, rushing them out, and that’s honestly one of my favorite things. Every time I see this Dolls chair, I can’t help but feel the things.

TVLINE | But Mercedes (Dani Kind), to be clear, is still with us. She just went out, like being his best vampire.
She’s an amazing vampire, yeah. I still have this spinoff if you want to help me sell this!

TVLINE | If anything caught me off guard, it was us who were receiving a song by Rachel (played by Martina Ortiz-Luis).
The thing with Martina is that she’s a phenomenal singer. She’s the singer of the Toronto Maple Leafs anthem – so she’s a real star here! – and she was on Pilipinas has no talent at the time…. It seemed like a waste not to have someone with such an exceptional voice! And what better song to cover the necessary wedding montage than a classic from WayHaught (“Wildwood” by Fleurie), the song that played the first time WayHaught kissed. It’s a bit of an Easter egg for those hardcore WayHaughters!

TVLINE | I don’t think anyone would have ever felt like a “Dark Angel Waverly” detour was missing, if you hadn’t spent some time on it in the previous episode. Why did you think it was important to go for one of the last hours?
The truth is, honestly, we’ve balanced the spectrum of whether we’re going to have a Season 5 or not. When we started smashing season 4 two years ago, we were watching the barrel of about 24 episodes, so [when you get half that] you say to yourself, “What are we going to keep and what are we going to put overboard?” What can we live without learning? I would say this idea of ​​Waverly having a darkness in it did should be highlighted after four seasons. I totally agree that in a perfect world I could have done eight episodes of Dark Angel Waverly, explore it, and see it come true. But if we ever have more story, I don’t know if Waverly has complete control over that part of her. I don’t think it’s “gone”. If Nicole puts mayonnaise instead of mustard on her sandwich, which knows what will germinate!

TVLINE | I mean, if only to see what other outfits Dark Waverly has.
As long as she keeps her thigh holster on, she’s good to go.

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