WWE reportedly wanted to screen freed superstar Charlotte Flair


Chelsea Green sat down for an hour-long interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, and the now former WWE Superstar spoke at length about the creative plans nixed for her in the business.

Much like many other wrestlers who worked for WWE, Chelsea Green’s career suffered from a lack of script direction coupled with a knack for picking up untimely injuries.

Chelsea Green revealed that her initial WWE call was in 2019, but it wasn’t the full-fledged call most stars are getting.

Green felt that there may have been poor communication between NXT and key WWE roster officials as she was back on the Black and Gold brand soon. Green recalled teaming up with Charlotte Flair for a tag team match on WWE NXT in May 2020 against Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley.

“So originally I was called in December 2019. But it was kind of a weird call. It was a communication problem, maybe between NXT and the main roster. I was called, but I was, but I wasn’t. . And then I was on TV in NXT, which I was so happy about, you know, obviously I wanted to be called out, but nobody had made an official. So then being called out on TV was awesome, and then Triple H kicked me out in April or May 2020, right before the pandemic, or around that time, because we had just done a tag match. Charlotte and I against Io and Rhea, and that’s the day I was officially called up. ”

Not sure if you can get a better spot than this: Chelsea Green on Charlotte Flair being her WWE mentor

Chelsea Green and Charlotte Flair claimed victory that night, and Green felt that WWE had a legitimate intention to make Flair his protege.

Charlotte Flair threw Green’s arm up after the match, and the former TNA / IMPACT Wrestling star believed the Queen had approved her as the next big thing.

Was Chelsea Green supposed to become the next Charlotte Flair?
Was Chelsea Green supposed to become the next Charlotte Flair?

Chelsea Green has even heard backstage “growls” that Charlotte Flair could become her on-screen mentor. However, the plan never materialized.

All Chelsea Green got was radio silence, but she loved the idea of ​​being Charlotte Flair’s understudy on WWE lineup.

“I was just starting to gain some momentum. So I didn’t hear anything. Funny enough, when I was there at the very end of the game, I heard Charlotte; Charlotte raised her hand and said something. He said something like, “She’s going to be next, or something like that that made me think I was going to partner with her or was going to be her protégé.” And then, is that the right word? Protected? Yeah! And then I kind of heard rumors about it in the weeks that followed that I was going to be, I don’t mean the next Charlotte, but come up behind her, with her as a mentor, which is amazing. , I don’t know if you can get a better spot than this. And, then, a sort of radio silence until the next scenario I heard about. I have heard of a lot of scenarios. ”

Chelsea Green also revealed full details of her 30-minute behind-the-scenes meeting with WWE President Vince McMahon during her conversation with Fightful.

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Posted on April 18, 2021 1:55 PM IST


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