Why is Paul Pogba wearing a sleeve? Man Utd and France midfielder’s outfit explained


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The Frenchman added a key piece of clothing this season that saw him rekindle his finest form, but why does he have this piece of clothing? </p><div> <strong>Paul pogba</strong> revealed the reasons for the eye-catching addition of a sleeve on his left arm, which he wore during the 2020-21 campaign for <strong>Manchester United</strong>.

The France international has sported the accessory for much of the season, during which he rediscovered form at Old Trafford.

By rekindling his talents at club level, the sleeve has become something of a marker for the midfielder, but why is he wearing one in the first place?

But brings you all the details on adding the featured midfielder’s wardrobe.

Why is Paul Pogba wearing a sleeve?

Pogba explained that he started wearing the compression sleeve – also known as the tubular support bandage – in order to ease the discomfort he was feeling in his elbows.

The compression sleeve or bandage provides the elbow joint with additional support, reinforcing weakness that can contribute to pain.

Indeed, Pogba effectively wore the sleeve on both arms, having first suffered in his right elbow before it developed into his left elbow.

“It started with the pain, I had the pain [in the left elbow]»Said the Frenchman on the club’s official website.

“It actually started with my right elbow, so I put it on my right, and I had the same problem with my left, so I started playing with that to warm it up instead of the strapping. .

“I played with it and it’s just natural now, just for the sake of safety. “

Paul Pogba 2020-21 France

Pogba wore the sleeve playing for Manchester United and also internationally representing France.

Such bandages are not uncommon in sports, although it is somewhat unusual for a footballer to wear one on their arms – it is usually the joints of the legs, such as the knees and ankles, that require a support.

Will Paul Pogba continue to wear a sleeve?

When asked if the compression sleeve will become a fixed part of his clothing on the pitch, Pogba said he intends to continue wearing it for the foreseeable future.

” Now it’s [associated with] me, ”the 27-year-old joked, referring to how he became easily identifiable as a trait.

“When people see this, they think of me. It just becomes me. “

Where can I buy an arm sleeve?

Simple compression sleeves can usually be found at most athletic clothing retailers or medical stores, such as drugstores.

Tubular support bandages can be relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in the UK from outlets such as Boots, which address a range of problems including joint pain in the legs and arms.

Pogba may have received medical advice before deciding to wear the support bandage and if you are not sure it may be helpful to consult a doctor or physiotherapist before using one.

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