What your astrological sign has in store for you from April 11 to 17

What your astrological sign has in store for you from April 11 to 17

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FEB 19 – MARCH 20

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Being clear matters more than being kind

When you truly appreciate the people and the promises, you need to say it out loud – this may be your week to start.

When Venus enters your zone of communication, being clear is more important than being kind.

If you’re a lover, it’s time to admit real feelings – to others, but also to yourself.

A silver moon encourages a new look at old debts or cash flow gaps.

DESTINY DAYS: From Tuesday to Thursday, your ability to grow and learn is intense. So push yourself. Schedule extra activity time on weekends.

LUCKY LINKS: Clothes in orange tones. A man with the same initials as you. Three even numbers followed by three odd numbers.

NEW MOON NEW YOU: The moon sends a clear silver message – it’s not too late to stop, think, and start over. But if you choose to continue, you must be 100% committed. And generous – no blame or shame.

RUNE REVELATIONS: The sun rune, SIEGEL, shines a light of warm positivity throughout your life and helps you achieve the distance you need to judge relationships as they are, and not as you would like them to be.

If you need to keep your cool or build your confidence, you can. True equality is not a dream, you can make it your everyday reality.

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