WANDAVISION Showrunner better explains his decision to designate Evan Peters as “Quicksilver” in the Disney + series


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WandaVision is a series that spawned a seemingly endless list of fan theories, the biggest being that Mephisto was going to appear at some point. However, when Evan Peters came to Wanda Maximoff’s door as “Pietro Maximoff,” many fans were convinced that the door to the Multiverse had been opened and the MCU would have a new Quicksilver.
Instead, he was Ralph Bohner. Under the spell of Agatha Harkness, Ralph was coerced into playing the role of Pietro in an effort to find out how Wanda had created the Hex around Westview.

In a recent interview, showrunner Jac Shaeffer spoke more about the decision to recast Pietro and explained that there was more to the decision than what you see. “We brought in a bereavement counselor [writers] » she explained. “The anxiety of not remembering the faces of your loved ones, of poorly remembering or actively remembering things as a self-preservation tactic – all of this has become fascinating to us. “

« [We] thought that by throwing Evan [Peters] in the role, it would not only have that effect on Wanda, but it would also have that meta-layer for the audience, ” Schaeffer added.

So despite what some fans think, Marvel Studios hasn’t set out to troll fans! Much thought was clearly put into the decision, but you have to believe that Kevin Feige and his company would realize fans would have hopes that Peters would be a permanent addition to the MCU.

Sadly, that’s not the case, and while we may get to see Ralph again, the Quicksilver story is over.

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9. “Filmed before a live studio audience”

The first episode of WandaVision was a great sitcom, that’s for sure, but it was also extremely short, with only the most vague clues as to what was really continue.

The fact that a SWORD agent (who we would later learn was Darcy) was watching the action on an old school TV was a nice hook, though, and you can’t blame Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany for the brilliance with which they are committed to their roles here. Dinner with the Harts was also a nice way to tease that all was not as it seemed in the town of Westview.

Ultimately, the impact of this opening episode may have been lost on anyone who has no affinity for classic sitcoms like Le spectacle de Dick Van Dyke, but it was still a damn good piece of television.

8. “Break the fourth wall”

At this point in the season, it started to feel like Marvel Studios was just calling the sitcom side, and that point of view Modern family was disappointing, to say the least.

Vision’s journey with Darcy felt largely unnecessary, and it was probably the closest to a “filler” episode of WandaVision as the final approaches. It certainly wasn’t bad, though, and when you factor in that it featured Monica Rambeau’s superhero origin story and Agatha Harkness’s big reveal, it certainly didn’t. disappointed in terms of great moments.

We just wish he would commit a little more to what the title promised. Yet it has given us “Agatha All Along”, and for that we are going to be eternally grateful.

7. “Now in color”

Another episode that was almost entirely from the sitcom, your mileage may have varied with the story of Wanda Maximoff giving birth to Tommy and Billy. The quirk with the Avenger’s powers was certainly compelling, although some were disappointed with how quickly this pregnancy went.

However, it was also at this point in the procedure that we started to get big clues about Westview’s weirdness, and this mention of Ultron (and Quicksilver) immediately caught our attention.

Throw in the reveal that Wanda was more in control than we thought, and “Geraldine” being thrown out of the energy field surrounding the city, and this episode kindly moved us into the next part of the season.

6. “Don’t touch this dial”


We’re really happy this episode premiered at the same time as the first, as Marvel Studios might have struggled to hook viewers if that was all they had after logging in for a second week. .

Yes, it was a great sitcom (how could you not enjoy the magic show?), But it didn’t really do much to explain the premise of a series that was still extremely mysterious at this point. There was some fantastic teasing – many of which led to these Mephisto theories – and the world turned colorful in the last few minutes, with this flashback, was seriously intriguing.

However, we would still like to know what exactly happened to this “beekeeper” at the hands of Wanda …

5. “We are interrupting this program”


Four episodes in and WandaVision abandoned sitcoms to finally shed light on events. Joining Monica Rambeau during “The Blip”, we were quickly taken to SWORD, and caught up with fan favorites like Jimmy Woo and Darcy Lewis (who was now a doctor).

The Westview Anomaly may have been given a name in the “Hex,” but this episode left us with more questions than answers, nothing wrong at this still fairly early stage of the show’s proceedings.

Wanda leaving her idyllic home to threaten SWORD was definitely a highlight, and we should have realized then that it wasn’t Nightmare or Mephisto who were in charge of these sitcoms. Throw away that horrific photo of a Dead Vision, and if you weren’t addicted now, you never would.

4. “The all-new Halloween Spooktacular!” “


It was one that fans had spent years hoping to see Olsen don that exact crimson witch costume from the comic book that awaited. Add to that the fact that we got to see authentic versions of Vision and Quicksilver as well, not to mention some great Speed ​​and Wiccan teases, and it was an absolute blast.

To be inspired by Malcolm in the middle resulted in one of the best sitcom episodes yet, and while it was clear that something was wrong with “Pietro,” it was really fun to see the talented Evan Peters having fun as speedster.

Vision’s investigation of what was really going on in the city was very intriguing, as we started to learn more about how Wanda was managing to live out her dream sitcom reality.

3. “On a very special episode …”


It was definitely a special episode of WandaVision. Introducing us to the kid’s versions of Billy and Tommy, things started to get even stranger in Westview, especially since the twins could get old (something that was never really explained by the end of the series. ).

Vision’s suspicions about her surroundings continued to grow, and her confrontation with Wanda at the end of the episode was truly Bettany at her best. Revealing that he had no memory of his life before arriving in town, it was hard not to feel the clearly terrified synthezoid as he argued with his wife.

This last-minute reveal with Evan Peters showing up at the door as Wanda’s “stinky brother” was an absolute drip of a moment that spawned a billion different fan theories.

2. « The Series Finale »


We know not everyone liked this, and a lot of it probably comes down to the fact WandaVision didn’t feature a huge cameo or really pay off any of the major fan theories we all had.

Look beyond that, however, and Wanda’s transformation into the Scarlet Witch was incredible, as was Vision’s battle with the real, now white, Vision. The farewells to Tommy and Billy were heartbreaking, as were Wanda and Vision’s last moments together before the Hex fell and disappeared.

Throw in some huge post-credits scenes, and it turned out to be a hellish finale.

1. “Previously on”


It may have been a diversion for the Disney + series, but exploring Wanda’s past and learning more about who she really is means we now have the Scarlet Witch we’ve been waiting for.

The trip down memory lane answered a lot of questions, including how the Hex was created, which brought Agatha to the city and the “creation” of Vision. There was also a terrific post-credits scene with the white vision that left our jaws on the floor and made us all count the seconds until the finale.

The storytelling here was excellent and arguably showed WandaVision at its best.

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