Utah newspaper begs Jets not to pick Zach Wilson


Someone’s salty!

A reporter from Zach Wilson’s home state, Utah, wrote an open letter on Tuesday urging the Jets to change their mind and not select the former BYU star quarterback in the draft. the NFL 2021 this month.

“Please, Jets, give Zach Wilson a break,” reads the title of the longtime column. Deseret news writer Doug Robinson.

The piece came in response to the Jets trading Sam Darnold, “their latest failure.”[ure]As Robinson said to the Panthers last week, virtually guaranteeing they will select Wilson with the second overall pick on April 29.

“The New York Post made headlines, ‘The Jets are now owned by Zach Wilson,’ Robinson wrote. ” Thanks for nothing.

“Look, the Jets are at quarterbacks what Larry King was at the wedding,” Robinson wrote. “Look at their file.”

He proceeded to remove the name of some of the quarterbacks, such as Darnold and Mark Sanchez, who made their way through the revolving door of the Jets signals callers from Joe Namath.

Joe Namath;  Zach Wilson
Joe Namath; Zach Wilson
Anthony J. Causi, Getty

But even Broadway Joe couldn’t escape Robinson’s wrath: “Namath is the most overrated football player in history,” he wrote.

“Where will Wilson be in a few years?” Robinson wrote, while suggesting that Wilson look into asking for a trade, as Eli Manning did when he was selected by the Chargers in 2004. “A lot depends on being selected by a team in which quarters thrive. History shows that it is not the Jets. “

But there are signs it might not be your Same Old Jets. Joe Douglas, the team’s second-year general manager, helped put together a Super Bowl team in Philadelphia in 2018 and may be close to putting together a candidate in New York.

The coaching staff who went 2-14 last season are also gone, with well-regarded defensive guru Rob Saleh, and his former offensive sidekick in San Francisco, Mike LaFleur, leading the Jets in 2021.

All have fallen in love with Wilson, who threw 33 touchdowns as a junior last fall, on his Pro Day last month.

And it looks like they’re ready to pick Wilson, regardless of what a Utah newspaper says.


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