UPDATES: Colton Underwood is single; Gay documentary for Netflix, family are his priorities “rather than focusing on a relationship”; Cassie Speaks: DEEP LINKS

Colton Underwood is a unique gay documentary on NetFlix

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Colton Underwood has no immediate plans to date after going gay.

The former “Bachelor” star recently opened up about his sexuality on “Good Morning America,” but although he’s now absent and proud, Colton is single at the moment and has no plans to change that in. the near future.

A source told TMZ: “Colton isn’t dating anyone now or dating until he makes his big announcement this week on ‘GMA’. “

Colton, 29, is currently filming a Netflix reality show about his life as a gay, but also wants to spend some quality time with his family in Denver rather than focusing on a relationship for the time being.

Meanwhile, Colton’s ex Cassie Randolph, 25 – whom he met during his season on “The Bachelor” – broke his silence after his revelation about his sexuality.

Cassie – who recently flew to Cozumel Island in Mexico for a getaway – wrote on Instagram, “Thanks everyone for the kind comments and messages.”

She also revealed that she is taking a week off on her YouTube channel.

After their split, Cassie filed court documents accusing Colton of tracking her down, harassing her and planting a tracking device in her car.

Cassie later dropped the restraining order, and Colton did not directly address the controversy in his “GMA” interview, but admitted he had made mistakes.

He said, “I would just say I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

“I am sorry for the pain and emotional stress I have caused. I wish it hadn’t turned out like this. I wish I had had the courage to fix myself before I broke someone else.

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