Unfortunately, it will take more than a live concert to end the coronavirus pandemic


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In the more than slightly dystopian breaking news, Global Citizen announced that it will be hosting a live concert titled ” Vax Live: the concert to bring the world together » to raise funds vaccinate the most 27 million healthcare workers around the world, working to provide care during the covid-19 pandemic. The event, which is similar to a Lady Gaga Headlining Event starting in 2020, is hosted by Selena Gomez, and will feature performances by artists, including TO, les Foo Fighters, J. Balvin, et Jennifer Lopez. The name of the concert is definitely ... ambitious, given the range of talents. Or is it delusional? It’s hard to decide, but I’m certainly wary of the agenda to convince us this J.Lo’s music has the power to “bring the world together”.

Billboard reports that the concert will be encourage philanthropists and businesses to donate “dollars for doses,»While encouraging “Changemakers” to call on world leaders to equitably distribute vaccines. (I don’t know what a changemaker is, please don’t ask me.) Wax and direct aims to inspire people around the world to “implore their governments” to pledge $ 22.1 billion to distribute 2 billion vaccines and other medical equipment to poor countries by the end of 2021. I certainly appreciate the intention of this event, but if it is literally based on citizens begging their governments to pledge money to help poorer countries access life-saving health care, history suggests they won’t be very lucky.

The current disparity in the world vaccine distribution is so hard that a many countries in Africa, South America and Asia are not expected to have widely immunized their populations until 2023, while the latest data shows the United States has at least partially vaccinated more than 40% of its adult population. EExperts and advocates around the world have demanded of the rich countries work make vaccine distribution more equitable from the very beginning of the pandemic, more Western countries have deliberately and repeatedly avoided attempts to do more accessible vaccine production low-income manufacturers countries.

While I absolutely agree to do everything and everything possible to ensure that not only healthcare professionals, but everyone able to be vaccinated, it is concerning that Global Citizen seems to be taking its cues on how to solve the problems created by global wealth disparities and colonial legacies from Disney Channel films. In the real world, unfortunately he It takes more than a thrilling musical performance to make rich countries care about the well-being of poorer countries – if that’s even possible..

Vax Live: the concert to bring the world together will be broadcast and aired on a variety of services on Saturday, May 8 at 8 pm EST.

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