UK bans travel from 4 more countries over virus, 39 in all

UK bans travel from 4 more countries over virus, 39 in all

BAHRAIN: Job search is one of the most difficult challenges for any young adult. In a highly competitive market, finding a job that not only works on a personal level but also offers a viable career path can be complicated.

For Bahraini youth, this became less of a problem when Majra emerged to offer a job search service based on culture and personality.

The company, launched in 2017, was created following two young Bahraini in search of employment.

Co-founder Najma Ghuloom, 29, said: “We started having conversations about job search and the fact that a lot of the platforms and resources we were using weren’t very transparent.

“We couldn’t find a lot of information about the position itself or whether the company would be a good fit for us or not. A lot of jobs wouldn’t put the company name, for example, or it would be confidential.

“In talking to other people, we realized that this was a common problem, and we don’t feel that the process is for young people who understand what they are looking for and who have certain values ​​in it. their profession, ”she said added.

Thousands of unemployed Omanis gather at the national football stadium in Muscat, the capital of Oman, on March 7 for one of 10,000 vacant posts for new police officers. (AFP / File Photo)

Launched as a web-based platform, Majra focuses on personalizing the experience for employers and job seekers. Recruiters are encouraged to present their company culture, what it is like to be an employee in the company and what they look for in candidates.

“We also provide services where we go to their offices, take photos of the location, interview current employees, understand their workplace and create content around it,” Ghuloom said.

Among job seekers, the emphasis is on the same cultural and personality aspects that would facilitate the matchmaking experience.

“We focus on personalizing profiles and not just the same CV template that would make all job seekers look the same. We have some questions that are relevant to particular jobs, including why they want to apply for a specific company or for a position, and how that aligns with their personal goals, ”she added.

True to its ethics of transparency, Majra also ensures that applicants receive updates on employment status and encourages employers to keep job seekers informed about the different phases of the selection process.

Majra works closely with both parties. This includes offering workshops and one-on-one coaching to those who request it and things as simple as having job seekers’ CVs revised if they so request.

Ghuloom said: “We are constantly engaging with our job seekers and making sure they are heard. When it comes to employers, we work closely together if they need help creating content for their profiles or if they need someone to help them onboard their employees. ”

For many GCC nationals, finding a job that not only works on a personal level but also offers a viable career path can be complicated. (AFP / File photo)

The company does not charge job seekers to create profiles and apply for jobs. For employers, you have two options.

Its pay-as-you-go model is suitable for small businesses with modest hiring needs, allowing them to pay by post and offering limited access to the company database.

Subscription packages are designed for large companies that may have multiple branches in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, or for startups looking to expand. These packages come with premium features and provide access to the database and statistics.

“Everything from day one has been a learning curve. The start was the most difficult, with very limited resources to get everything up and running.

“As the founding team, everyone had to be involved in everything. We would not have been where we are today without these obstacles, ”added Ghuloom.

Majra has a number of projects underway or in the works, starting with a sister platform called Gigs. Entirely intended for independents in the region, it was launched in early September.

The concerts will allow employers to access and connect with freelance profiles directly, and hundreds of freelancers are already registered and ready to work. Through the platform, Majra aims to change the local perception that self-employment is not a viable career path.


* This report is published by Arab News as a partner of the Middle East Exchange, which was launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives to reflect the vision of the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai to explore the possibility of change the status of the Arab region.


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