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Easttown mare

21h, Sky Atlantic

Kate Winslet makes a remarkable transformation as the oppressed Pennsylvanian detective Mare Sheehan in this gripping miniseries from writer Brad Ingelsby. Dealing with the fallout from an ongoing and unresolved missing person case and her recent divorce following her son’s suicide, Sheehan is soon embroiled in a new murder case that forces all eyes in his small hometown to look. concentrate on his investigation. Meanwhile, newcomer to the city Richard Ryan (Guy Pearce) is aiming for a romance with Mare. Ammar Kalia

Pont Ackley

18h, canal 4

The return of the award-winning school drama set in a Yorkshire mill. Kaneez’s Mancunian nephew Tahir joins Grade 11, and feathers are ruffled after Kayla and Fizza befriended new classmate Johnny. Elsewhere, Martin discovers he’s bitten more than he can chew as interim manager. Ali Catterall


19h30, ITV2

The hit workplace sitcom with America Ferrera is reaching its final season. It’s March 2020 and as Covid starts hitting Cloud 9, Amy (Ferrera) and Jonah (Ben Feldman) may have to postpone their move to California, while the rest of the staff try to keep toilet rolls on. the shelves. AND

Greta Thunberg: a year to save the planet

21h, BBC One

David Attenborough et Greta Thunberg.
David Attenborough et Greta Thunberg. Photographie: Alex Board / BBC Studios / PBS

Greta Thunberg is perhaps the only teenage girl in the world regularly criticized by people several times her age. Even so, she is not discouraged; the second episode of this series on her ‘gap year’ 2019 sees her visit the World Economic Forum in Davos and meet David Attenborough. Hannah J Davies

Different League: The History of the City of Derry

21h, BBC Two

A moving documentary of how Derry City, excluded from elite football for a decade due to sectarian violence, reappeared to join the Irish League in 1985. Rarely has football’s ability to galvanize a struggling community has been demonstrated with such enthusiasm. Jack Seale

Lucy, the human chimpanzee

9 p.m., channel 4

Raised in the American suburbs of the 1960s as part of an experiment conducted by psychologists at the University of Oklahoma, Lucy the chimpanzee was finally released at the age of 11. This film tells the story of student Janis Carter who befriended Lucy and took her to West Africa. in 1977. AND

Choice of film

Billie Whitelaw and Gary Kemp Violet Kray and Ronnie, a violent Kray.
Billie Whitelaw and Gary Kemp Violet Kray and Ronnie, a violent Kray. Photographie: Richard Blanshard / Getty

Les Krays (Peter Medak, 1990), 21h, ITV4
Peter Medak’s honest tale of the lives of evil twins Ron and Reg, who walked through an area of ​​GBH to reach the murderous reign of the East End of London, then went west and got in trouble. Gary and Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet do a surprisingly strong punch playing the brothers, but it’s Billie Whitelaw who turns out to be the toughest of all as a mom, Violet. Paul Howlett

Live sports

Cricket: Chennai Super Kings vs. Rajasthan Royals 14h30, Sky Sports Cricket. Match IPL T20 du stade Wankhede, Mumbai.

Football de Premier League: Leeds United v Liverpool 19h, Main Event Sky Sports. En direct d’Elland Road.

Snooker: the world championship 7 p.m., BBC Four. Evening session of the third day.

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