Triangle suppliers facilitate return of J&J vaccine after brief hiatus ::


– The Johnson & Johnson brand of the COVID-19 vaccine has become popular with the public due to the fact that it is a single dose vaccine.

However, some local vaccine suppliers postponed their use of the J&J vaccine after people experienced side effects on Thursday.

On Saturday, demand for the J&J vaccine was still high at a UNC Family Medicine clinic on Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh.

“Our 200 appointments were completed in about three days,” said Leslie Hopkins, clinic administrator.

Wake County reported nearly 20 adverse reactions after J&J’s gunshot in a very small percentage of those who were vaccinated at a clinic Thursday. Symptoms included nausea, dizziness and fainting spells in 18 of the more than 2,300 people who received the vaccine at PNC Arena. Wake County will continue to use shooting on Sunday.

Hopkins said they ask people receiving the vaccine more questions, such as whether they have passed out or passed out from a blood test in the past. According to Hopkins, those who have had problems after their shots have had previous cases where they have passed out.

“We had a few questions from patients today,” noted Hopkins.

UNC Health released a statement on Friday confirming its position that the J&J vaccine is safe.

“We found that there was nothing wrong with the vaccine itself,” Hopkins said. “It was just an incident of patients who had previously had fainting spells. “

Page Swanson was among the first to be vaccinated against J&J by UNC Health after announcing they would temporarily stop using the vaccine. This announcement came as he was taking his appointment.

“This news came out the same day,” Swanson said. “I waited for the reports to be released on what had happened. “

The reactions to Raleigh are not totally isolated. In Georgia, medical authorities are temporarily halting on J&J after eight people experienced adverse reactions at a site on Wednesday. Similar problems have been reported in Colorado and Iowa.

The CDC says there is no safety issue with the J&J vaccine.

Coronavirus Vaccinations in North Carolina

The latest state information shows 28.4% of adults in North Carolina are fully vaccinated. You can schedule a vaccination for yourself at or by calling (984) 215-5485.


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