Toronto Police Charge Driver For Driving With Paper “Plate” Twice In Five Days

Toronto Police Charge Driver For Driving With Paper

A Toronto police officer seized a paper “license plate” from a driver on Thursday after a minor collision in the downtown core.

Dét.-Const. Scott Matthews tweeted a photo of the cardboard plate Thursday afternoon. He told The Star on Friday it happened near Yonge and Gerrard streets.

“(The plaque) was printed on paper and glued to metal,” Matthews said in the tweet.

The driver was charged with impaired driving as a result of the collision. The charge is on top of their 28 tickets, including five for driving without insurance, all accrued in 10 days, according to Matthews.

Matthews told The Star this was the second time the driver had been pulled over for his license plate; Officers arrested the driver on Sunday in exactly the same area and confiscated his cardboard plate.

“He may have just printed another copy of the same plate after confiscating the first one on March 28,” Matthews said.

While this incident may be the first cardboard plate captured in Toronto this year, Matthews remembers three separate incidents that took place in 2020.

British Columbia officers are no strangers to paper license plates either; in 2020, at least two instances were recorded by the RCMP. One resulted in a fine of over $ 900.


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