The speech returns without Sharon Osbourne


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Monday’s episode of The speech was the first show in a month. It turned dark following Sharon Osbourne’s show the defense declaimed of her friend Piers Morgan’s “freedom of speech” and her insistence that she is not racist. During the break, CBS threw a internal investigation regarding Osbourne’s comments and Osbourne apologized and doubled his position (in the last case, she suggested that CBS “executives” designed her co-hosts’ questions during their on-air confrontation as a way to punish her since CBS had broadcast the interview with Meghan Markle / Oprah Winfrey, including Morgan had criticized the content). Osbourne also left the show, pocketing seven digits reported in the process.

Good now The speech is back without Osbourne, so his co-hosts can discuss his behavior and implications without having to compete with the pyrotechnic Karen-ing. Sheryl Underwood, whom Osbourne screamed most harshly on the March 10 episode, opened Monday’s show as “an episode of The speech it won’t be like any other we’ve had before. She explained, “We have to deal with the events of that day and what has happened since so that we can come to the healing.” With the help of psychologist Dr. Donald E. Grant, the treatment is what the committee did.

Underwood explained her calm demeanor during the Osbourne on-air crisis, saying she wanted to stay focused partly because she didn’t want to escalate an already tense situation, but also because she felt responsibility for avoid appearing as what might be stereotypical. labeled an “angry black woman”.

On March 10, a particularly shocking moment occurred when Osbourne told Underwood, “Don’t try to cry, because if anyone has to cry, it’s me.” Underwood explained that tearing himself apart has to do with suppressing his emotions. “I don’t tear up because you hurt me, or because I want sympathy,” she recalls. “I tear up because I had to hold it back because if I had answered I would have been the angry black woman.” And I think I’m talking to my friend, someone I can trust.

Co-host Elaine Welteroth appeared to refute Osbourne’s claim that her co-hosts were tricked into knocking her down by the powers that be at CBS, although Welteroth did so imprecisely. “Why would you think we were attacking him?” she said. “There was nothing on my cards that prepared me. There have been a lot of false accounts that have been broadcast in the media that have branded Sheryl and myself as co-conspirators in attacking someone. And I just want to take this opportunity to say that it is absolutely, categorically wrong and unfair.

Underwood said the March 10 episode left him feeling like he had PTSD. “It was a trauma,” she explained.

If you can believe it, Osbourne refused to stop when she was late for The speechhiatus. Sur son podcast, Underwood claims that Osbourne never reached out to apologize and in response, Osbourne shared with the Daily mail a series of non-reciprocal text messages she had sent to Underwood in which she had apologized. Underwood confirmed the existence of the text messages and attempted to close the gap during Monday’s episode:

“I haven’t spoken and I don’t have any missed or received phone calls that I can find in my phone,” Underwood said. “But text messages were sent to me. The reason why I haven’t spoken or recognized or even responded to these text messages [is] because they came to see me during the internal investigation. And I never experienced anything like that, so I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to communicate or not while there was an internal investigation.

“I want to be clear about this: I haven’t spoken to Sharon,” she continued. “I did not receive a phone call from him and my fear of answering something [is] because something is popping up in the media that is misunderstood. And people asked me if you saw Sharon what would you do. First, if she greeted me warmly and sincerely i would give her the same because we’ve been on this show together for 10 years. I want people to understand when you’re friends with someone, you stay friends. What does Maya Angelou say? When people show you who they are, believe them. This is real talk.

The entire episode was devoted to Osbourne and the problems she had unearthed. The panel discussed the covert nature of racism, anti-racism, and unconscious prejudice, among the subjects. Welteroth illustrated why Morgan’s rejection of Markle’s story was so offensive to so many: “I think when you deny a woman or a woman of color their truth and their experiences, you aren’t just denying them. , you deny all women and women of color. that is seen in that person’s story. Overall, the panel handled this topic with sensitivity, specificity and class, providing the perfect foil for Osbourne’s on-air extreme display.

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