The royal family treated Prince Philip and Meghan Markle like ‘strangers’


Meghan Markle has something in common with Prince Philip – they both felt looked down upon and belittled by palace officials when they married their royal spouse.

The prince felt treated like a ‘stranger’ and ‘patronized’ when he married then-Princess Elizabeth, just as Markle says she was treated when she married Prince Harry.

“Life in court was very frustrating for him at first. It was very stuffy, ”said Lord Brabourne, a parent of Philips, according to Ingrid Seward in her book,“ My Husband and I: The Inside Story of the Royal Marriage ”.

The courtiers weren’t too attached to Philip from the start. Despite the fact that he was estranged from the Queen, they didn’t like that he was born in Greece and therefore a foreigner, Seward wrote.

“Tommy Lascelles (King’s private secretary) was impossible. They were bloody to him. They frequented him. They treated him like a stranger. It wasn’t much fun, ”she noted.

“He laughed, of course, but it must have hurt. I’m not sure Princess Elizabeth noticed it. She probably hasn’t seen him.

But the Queen, who fell in love with Philip when she was 13, was not interested in what palace officials thought. The couple married in 1947.

At that time, courtiers and senior officials of the royal household wielded considerable influence and power.

Prince Philip, who expressed his reputation and did not suffer fools with pleasure, was upset by palace advisers who found him “abrasive and rude”.

Prince Philip and then Princess Elizabeth on their wedding day.
Prince Philip and then Princess Elizabeth on their wedding day.
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“He knew he was going to the lion’s den. He was very aware of how he had been treated and how hard he should fight for his position and his independence (against the establishment). What he didn’t know was how scary it was going to be, ”said Philip’s cousin Lady Pamela Hicks, according to Seward’s book.

When Elizabeth’s father died unexpectedly in 1952, making her sovereign at 25, it turned Philip’s world upside down. He was forced to give up his career in the navy and carve out a new job.

“Philip was constantly being crushed, snubbed, ticked off, slapped on the fingers,” the Duke’s former private secretary Mike Parker said, according to the Express newspaper. “It was intolerable. The problem was just that Philip had energy, ideas, motivation, and that didn’t suit the establishment at all.

And just like her grandfather, Meghan Markle’s problems with the palace began almost immediately after her marriage to Prince Harry in May 2018.

There have been rumors that the former “Suits” star emailed her staff at 5am with ideas on how to shape her role and was accused of “ripping up. the royal playbook ”.

And just as Philip was criticized for his disrespect and non-British background, so was Markle.

Royal expert Camilla Tominey told The New Yorker that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s unpleasant disagreement with the royal family was sparked by “clashes” between the California native and disliking palace staff his perceived disrespect for palace traditions and that they were suspicious of his Hollywood. Context.

“I put it down to culture shock, in the sense that she came from a celebrity world, which is very fast-paced and quite demanding,” Tominey said. “The royal world is very different – it has to be slower and extremely hierarchical.”

Days before the now-California-based couple’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, the palace claimed Markle intimidated staff during her tenure as a royal working at Kensington Palace – something her office has firmly denied.


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