The NFTs are the hope of a new tomorrow!

The NFTs are the hope of a new tomorrow!

At Hackaday, we always work as hard as possible to bring you the latest and most exciting technologies, and like so many people, we have become convinced that the possibilities offered by the rise of Blockchain present unparalleled opportunities for humanity. reinventing itself without being hampered by the stifling regulations of a dying system. That’s why, today, we’ve decided to join digital experts and celebrities embracing non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, as the new promise of a non-tangible digital investment crypto-asset that takes storming the world.

Non-fungible crypto investment earnings!

Imagine for a minute yourself owning a very expensive car.  Skievl, CC BY-SA 4.0.
Imagine for a minute owning a very expensive car yourself. Skievl, CC BY-SA 4.0.

An NFT is a digital token representing something in the real world, and coupled with a unique identifier stored in a secure entry in the Blockchain. It is not fungible, which means it is unique and not interchangeable like a traditional old-fashioned crypto-asset such as Bitcoin. As it allows a real-world object to be symbolized in digital form, it represents a means of possessing something that provides it with an irrefutable connection like a digital crypto-asset.

It’s a complex system that may be too difficult to fully explain in a single article, but think of an NFT as a way to invest in a cryptoasset in digital form with its uniqueness guaranteed by Blockchain security, without have the disadvantage of owning it physically. Instead, your NFT is kept safe on a server on the internet and cannot be physically stolen like it would from a bank vault, as it contains Blockchain cryptosecurity.

Cryptoactifs Blockchain non fongibles!

You don't have that.  Again.
You don’t have that. Again.

NFTs have so far found a space in the creative markets, where they have provided a revolutionary opportunity for artists to increase their digital sales by selling NFTs of their work. A struggling artist can now access buyers around the world, who in turn can confidently invest in creative talent they would never be exposed to otherwise. It is a win-win situation in which crypto-investors and artists benefit The power of blockchain.

Hackaday is delighted to offer a unique chance to acquire a Blockchain crypto-secure NFT representing one of our own items; our very first NFT is the only officially sanctioned digital copy of a Hackaday article showcasing a new way to deal with toilet paper shortages. The original article will continue to exist on with all rights reserved, but we will not make it any further NFT. We may also decide to update the original article so that everyone knows that you are the proud owner of the only digital copy of this great work. That’s right, this NFT will allow you to prove that you have a screenshot!

After selling you today on the incredible crypto-investment opportunity offered by NFTs, we’ll come back on another date with a more sober and in-depth technical review of the technology behind them. In the meantime, if there is interest in our brief foray into NFTs (and we really hope it doesn’t), we’ll donate the proceeds to the excellent Girls Who Code, a really solid investment with a bright, tangible future.

Thank you [Micah Scott] for some NFT tips when making this part.


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