The circle is back for season 2 and I’m overwhelmed


The Circle, Saison 2 (2021)

The circle, Season 2 (2021)
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Circle, Message: I am tired of reality. No, I am exhausted from reality. Tired face emoji. Crying emoji. Hashtag Escape.

If you are a fan of Netflix The circle, you know the exact dialogue style I just used in my lede. If you remember our launch of The root’s « Black and frenzy”Series, I’m not just a fan of The circle, I’m a fan of every iteration of The circle Cinematographic universe (or CCU, for short).

Here’s the premise of the show I previously failed:

For those of you who haven’t had time to catch it yet, The circle The franchise follows a group of applicants called “gamers” who all live in a building and interact only through a social media app known as “The Circle.” Using a social strategy such as sympathy and attractiveness (yes, they can choose to be either themselves or a ‘catfish’), these players compete against each other to become the most popular player while trying to avoid being blocked by “The Circle”.

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The circle (US) appeared in early 2020 and unexpectedly became the balm I needed during an era of a very confusing global pandemic. It was just the perfect amount of fun and silly intrigue. Now it is stepping back to a particularly curious time – we are seeing a massive vaccine rollout and there is real hope to get back to “normal” (although that “normal” is also something we will need an escape from).

I don’t want to spoil anything major as most of the plots in the show are in twists, but I have to mention this thing because it was in the trailer (and not technically a spoiler as there is another twist that I have. won do not mention here):


The Circle Season 2 / Netflix Official Trailer (YouTube)


Season 2 was recently dropped on Netflix (April 14) and we currently have four episodes to narrate, as keeping its viewers on the hook is The circleall the personality. Yes, this show sadly keeps its two competitors and spectators on their toes, so there are even more wacky rules and impromptu bombs to uncover (ie what all this fucking is an “inner circle ???”).

Let’s break down the new cast of characters so far and my short, tongue-in-cheek thoughts on each of them (note: I’m referring to everyone by their play name, even though they’re a catfish ).

Terilisha: The meanest bitch! She doesn’t suffer from fools and she’s a math witch!

Courtney: He is an entertainment journalist with a lot of energy and a bit of shade – who formulates once special alliances have been formed.

Trevor (Catfish): Behind Trevor’s adorable single dad brand is his real wife, Leesa of Boogie Down Bronx. Her different wigs are characters in themselves.

Chloe: I remember her from another silly entertainment show on Netflix, Too hot to handle it. Come on, network crossings! Either way, she’s still deliciously silly.

Emilie (Catfish): Behind Emily’s openly impartial gentleness hides the sarcastic and cynical Jack, who is certainly not a social butterfly at all.

Savane: She seems to be the down-to-earth home girl, even though there was something about her that didn’t quite bow down at first. I couldn’t put my finger on it as I grew to dig it… until her virtual struggle with Terilisha.

River (Catfish): Behind the hippie, proudly gay youngin ‘is the middle-aged, not at all conservative Texan named Lee. He cries a lot. He is adorable. I want to hug him.

Bryant: He seemed to be the “everyone gets along well” type… the Shubham (season 1 reference!) Of the band. He’s very centered and will take this breath away if you ask him to.

By the way, yell at Shubham from season 1, who is still the nicest person ever.

#The circle is all the rage right now for multiple reasons, as both the US version and the UK version it is based on are showing their final seasons, the last of which has just revealed its winner. Guess we all need to stay tuned for the second batch of American episodes, which drops April 21!

Who do you think will win the $ 100,000 this season? Who do you want to bring the $ 100.00 to this season? Is ” Bye Bye Bye”Stuck in your head?


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