Tesco store employee ignores manager in hilarious Tannoy ad

Tesco store employee ignores manager in hilarious Tannoy ad

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A Tesco employee has gone viral after his tannoy speech left buyers in hysteria.
Nathan Lorenzo made the 10-minute closing announcement with such hilarious flair, the video has been viewed nearly three million times on TikTok.

“I don’t think any of the managers were this tannoy’s biggest fan” is his low-key caption from the clip, which he posted earlier this week.

While it might not be in his boss’s right books, the 10-minute warning certainly brightened clients’ days, My London reports.

In the video, Nathan says, “Good evening my pumpkins.

“It’s really up to you and this is a customer ad. Now don’t shoot the messenger, but I have terrible news that I must let you know.

“And this terrible news is that we will be closing in the next 10 minutes.

“So if you can all pick out those last items, take the bottle of [inaudible] and foxtrot to our checkouts.

“Where you will be served by the fabulous Sean.” Hope you all have a great evening and thank you, once again, for shopping with us today at Tesco. “

At one point in the video, the worker’s manager can be heard shouting “Nathan! But Nathan ignores him.

The video has nearly three million views on TikTok
(Image: nathanlorenzo_ / TikTok)

During the announcement, buyers can be heard laughing in the background, although the manager looks annoyed, and at one point says, “Uh no. “

After the video was posted to his TikTok, some people took the comments to defend Nathan and praise him for being “brilliant.”

A third wrote: “Tesco should be proud to have such a brilliant employee.

“You bring light to this robotic and spooky world. “

Nathan reassured users that he had not been sacked, although he revealed that he had been told to be careful of what he posted on social media.

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