Super League players risk World Cup and Euro ban, furious UEFA chief warns | European Super League


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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has insisted that players joining the new European Super League be banned from World Cups and European Championships if the breakaway materializes.

Ceferin admitted that a ban was unlikely to go into effect in time for Euro 2020, which begins in June, but left no one in doubt about his anger at the Super League, which he has described as “a shameful and self-serving proposition from the clubs. motivated by greed ”.

“Players who will play in teams that are likely to play in the closed league will be banned from playing in the World Cup and in euros, so they will not be able to represent their national teams in any game,” he said. “These cynical plans go completely against what football should be. This idea is saliva in the face of all football fans and society. I’m not going to call them the Dirty Dozen, but… ”

He added: “They write in their press release on solidarity, they don’t know the ‘S’ on solidarity. They want to be famous. They will be famous in the wrong way. “

Ceferin also suggested that it was not impossible that the domestic leagues could kick out teams that went their separate ways. “It is the decision of the national leagues, but we are in contact with them and I am sure that they will apply the same penalties, as we will do under the law of course,” he said.

Earlier, UEFA had confirmed that it would continue with a revamped 36-club Champions League from 2024, whether or not the European Super League is created. However, Ceferin admitted to being blinded by Sunday’s announcement.

European Super League: what does it mean for football?  - video explainer
European Super League: what does it mean for football? – video explainer

“I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, I’ve been a criminal lawyer for 24 years, so I’ve seen different people, but I’ve never seen people like that,” he says. “If I start with Ed Woodward,” he added of Manchester United’s executive vice president. “I didn’t have much contact with him but he called me last Thursday evening, telling me that he was very satisfied with the reforms, that he fully supported the reforms and that the only thing he would like is talk is the financial fair. to play. And obviously he’s already signed something else.

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Ceferin was even more brutal when talking about Juventus president Andrea Agnelli. “He’s probably the biggest disappointment of all,” he said. “I don’t want to be too personal. But the point is, I’ve never seen a person lie so many times, with so much persistence. What he did was amazing. I spoke with him on Saturday afternoon. He said, “These are just rumors. Don’t worry, nothing’s going on. And then he said, “I’ll call you in an hour.” And he turned off the phone. The next day we receive the announcement. I have seen a lot of things in my life but not a situation like this. Obviously, the greed is so strong that all human values ​​evaporate. “

Previously, Ceferin has been asked if it is fair that a player who could have signed with a club years ago be banned from his national team if that club joins the breakaway. “Yes, that’s an interesting question, and I think that’s one of the legal issues,” he said.

Ceferin ended his hard-hitting press conference with a final reply to the clubs who decided to leave. “How can you see all your fans showing up and you don’t care?” he said. “You’re full of money anyway, but you want more and more of it. I’m tired of football clubs being assets – they’re part of our history.

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