Stunning optical illusion shows you a shade of blue you have NEVER seen before

Stunning optical illusion shows you a shade of blue you have NEVER seen before

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ESPRIT’s mind-blowing optical illusion is confusing the web as it shows you a shade of blue you’ve never seen before.
The illusion works by using a large red circle and a small white dot to make your mind believe that it is seeing a shade of cyan that it does not recognize.


This optical illusion will show you a shade of blue that you have never seen beforeCredit: YouTube

To see the color, you have to look at the white point in the center of the circle for 30 seconds.

You should then close your eyes tightly, then when you open them you should see a luminous orb of “true cyan”.

But how exactly does it work?

According to the Mail Online, “the illusion of ‘true cyan’ works by effectively overwhelming the nerve cells in your eye responsible for decoding the color red.

“When you open your eyes, the nerve cells that aren’t submerged kick in and show you an ‘afterimage’, which is actually the reverse of the image you’ve been looking at for the past two minutes – in this case, the red color appears cyan. ”

Shadow is one that cannot be reproduced on televisions, phones, or computer screens.

Most screens use a variety of blue and red pixels to create the shades of color that we see.

Speaking to IFLScience, ophthalmologist Ajay Kuriyan explained, “If you look at a color for a while, the cone cells that respond to that color become refractory for a short time so that the other cells in the colored cones become stimulated. .

“This is the principle that animates the afterimage. “

Flag Optical Illusion shows exactly how color blindness works… so what do you see when the green and yellow disappear?

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