Sputnik vaccine: side effects, effectiveness

Sputnik vaccine: side effects, effectiveness

There were 45 serious adverse events in the group that received the vaccine and 23 in the group that received the placebo, but the researchers said none were associated with the vaccine. Four people who participated in the research have died – but, again, none of the deaths were associated with the vaccine. These results are similar to those of other Covid vaccines.
Scientists praised the results when they were published in February. Dr Penny Ward, Visiting Professor of Pharmaceutical Medicine at King’s College London, said: “As expected, given the origins of this program at the Gamaleya Institute, this is a good quality study which confirms the effectiveness. Gamaleya combined viral vector vaccine clinic. ”

Communicable Disease Control Consultant Dr Peter English hailed the vaccine as “another very effective vaccine in our arsenal!”

But he questioned the Russian vaccination strategy.

“Implementing a vaccine in a large population before seeing your Phase III results is extremely risky and is certainly not recommended. The ethics of giving a product that has the potential to make you sick (or more sick) is very different when you give a vaccine to a large number of healthy patients than when you give a drug to a critically ill patient. who be willing to take a risk.

“In addition to not knowing the effectiveness or the likelihood of harm, there is a risk of seriously damaging confidence in all other vaccines. ”

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