Sofia Vergara’s ex sucks a lot

Sofia Vergara's ex sucks a lot

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Earlier this month, Sofia vergara won a lawsuit on the future of the embryos she kept with her ex-husband Nick Loeb, « [banning] Loeb to bring the embryos to term ”without Vergara’s express permission. After filing a few last-minute objections with the court, Page six reports that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has officially slammed the case, overturning his “last legal effort” to take control of Vergara’s embryos.

In a statement, Loeb blame Tinseltown for the yard ruling, saying the judge was “clearly influenced by Hollywood.” Loeb too has a quick plug-in for his new movie Roe vs. Wade, which I’m sure is going to be terrible.

Wait… Roe vs. Wade? He can’t have… oh! Looks like he did.

Page six Further reports that amid the legal fallout with Vergara, Loeb found time to write and direct a film starring none other than Jon Voight and Stacey Hyphen, which takes a firm opposition to access to abortion. The film apparently premiered at CPAC, which sounds like a fucking nightmare.

Good riddance to this man!

Chrissy Teigen in to a normal.

Who the fuck is this?

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