Serious incident blocks the A15 south of Lincoln

Serious incident blocks the A15 south of Lincoln

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Beer gardens in Lincoln have already started to fill up as pubs and bars have been allowed to reopen to serve customers outside from Monday April 12.

Restaurants are also allowed to reopen to serve customers outside as part of the government’s out-of-lockdown roadmap, while indoor service is currently slated to be allowed from May 17.

The Lion & Snake and Prince of Wales were particularly busy at Uphill Lincoln on Monday, while The Towers student bar had a long line outside during the afternoon.

Soak in the sun in the Bailgate at Prince of Wales and Lion & Snake. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

The queue at the student bar – The Towers – Monday afternoon. | Photo: Lincolnite

Students enjoying their drinks at the towers. | Photo: Lincolnite

The beer garden at The Towers was very busy. | Photo: Lincolnite

Nosy Parker, Craft and Royal William IV were also among the bars to reopen Monday in Lincoln – see the full list here.

The Nosy Parker welcomes returning punters on April 12. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Socially distanced drinks in the outdoor café at Nosy Parker. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Ronnie Byrne, Service Manager at Nosy Parker, said: “It’s good to be back! The snow last night gave us a bit of concern. A day of snow after six months off would have been a bit of a letdown, right?

“But luckily, the sun is shining, the drinks are flowing and we were able to welcome our incredible guests again. They have supported us throughout this chaotic time, and we couldn’t be happier to find them!

Good to be back! Craft on Lincoln High Street has a spacious beer garden to welcome customers. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

David Nejrup, Director of Operations at Craft, said: “We are delighted to take the first step back to ‘normal’. It was great to have guests in our garden.

“We are now counting the days until May 17, when we hope to be able to welcome our guests back inside the hall.”

James Dolan is Director of Operations at Ever So Sensible Restaurants. They run the Royal William IV and Horse & Groom on Brayford Wharf North, the Duke William in the Bailgate and the Ferry Boat in Washingborough, all of which are open again.

Customers enjoying a pint outside by the Brayford at the Royal William IV.

He said: “Our teams have been very busy making sure the pubs are safe and ready to reopen, and we’ve even had the chance to make upgrades, deep clean, redecorate, add new seats and additional covered areas ready to be fitted out. people smile when they visit us again.

“We are delighted to see all of our lovely customers again, especially our much loved regulars who are part of the family. This last lockdown was the longest and most difficult for everyone, which made us a little nervous about reopening, but as we put a lot of effort into getting the ads ready, we really enjoyed going back to work. .

“We rediscovered our sense of purpose and our love for serving amazing food and drinks while making people happy. Today (Monday) was awesome seeing all those smiley faces again (even though they’re hidden behind a mask), it really reminded us why we love our industry so much.

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