Sergio Aguero ideal for Chelsea: Paul Merson says striker ticks all the boxes | Football News

Chelsea forward Timo Werner (PA)

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Paul Merson is back with his column and this week the former Arsenal and England striker tells us Chelsea need to enter the market for a new striker this summer and why that man should be Sergio Aguero, who is leaving Man City at the end of the season.

Meanwhile, the Sky Sports The expert also believes Liverpool face a daunting task in trying to remedy a 3-1 deficit by hosting Real Madrid in the second leg of their Champions League quarter-final on Wednesday night.

However, if Jurgen Klopp’s side are to pull off another big breakout at Anfield, then there is a Liverpool player who needs to start against the 13-time winners, according to Merson.

And finally, Merson also called on Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta to be bold in selecting his squad for what he believes is their biggest game of the campaign in their last eight league clashes. Europa at Slavia Prague on Thursday evening.

Chelsea need a goalscorer and Aguero ticks all the boxes

The [Sergio Aguero] ticks the box for me and the way Chelsea play – Chelsea are dominant in football games, they dictate games and have a lot of possession, they play clean and tidy football around the box and they are looking for that little ball.

They don’t try to hit a ball from the halfway line into a full space, you play Chelsea and when you start at Chelsea you are immediately faced with 10 men behind the ball so you need an Aguero who is sharp. more than three to five yards, that little ball on the side and in the box.

I love Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud, they are good players, but will they make you win the Premier League? No, and I say that because they won’t be in the league’s top five or six scorers.

You look at Chelsea now and Mason Mount and Abraham have scored six goals and are their top scorers in the league, which is why Chelsea are where they are. If you put somebody in that team who scored 20 goals and is second behind Harry Kane and Mo Salah, it could be another 10, 11, 12, 15 points, it could be 14 winning goals.

I think they need a center forward who can score goals because Timo Werner didn’t work. I said Kai Havertz would be a player, a young boy who came in with a hefty price tag and with everything going on in the world he had ‘long Covid’ and that affected him.

But when you watched him the other day it’s a class act, he’s right, I really think he’s going to be a superstar and in the time to come he will be special.

Chelsea striker Timo Werner struggled during his first campaign at Stamford Bridge

I’m not sure about Werner, however, I don’t think it works. I watch it and when you buy this type of player for that type of money I would like a little more of a finished product for what I have. It seems like there are a lot of things to work on, which is really weird.

Havertz, I can swallow this because he’s a young kid, but this boy does things on the court and you’re like, “Really? He’ll bring the wing down and run it through the box when no one is in it. To be honest I was disappointed with him and for myself I would try to see what I can do with him this summer.

Why have Liverpool signed Thiago if they are not going to play against Real?

Thiago Liverpool v Newcastle PA
Thiago Alcantara has played 22 times for Liverpool this season in all competitions

I watched Liverpool against Aston Villa on Saturday and was shocked he just didn’t have that connection, the spark wasn’t there.

If the crowd was there Wednesday night chasing Real Madrid I’m everywhere, there’s no place like Anfield or Celtic Park on a Champions League night and I’ve seen them turn against better ones teams than this one. . But with no one there, I just can’t see that the lack of a crowd at Anfield hasn’t helped Liverpool at all.

It was hard for them [centre-backs Ozan Kabak and Nat Phillips] in the first leg, they are two youngsters, one is from Schalke, the other Phillips has entered and it is hard for them.

I would have tried to mix it up a bit and play three in the back, I said before, to give them more protection, with Fabinho in the middle, but the horse has bolted now and we have to move forward on field.

I was shocked last week that Thiago Alcantara didn’t play, I thought that was what he was brought in for. They won the league without him, so what was the point of bringing him in? It’s his game, he’s open and everyone gets on the ball and passes it – and he keeps the ball and is very calm on it. I literally thought he [Klopp] brought him for those occasions, they didn’t bring him to win the league.

But fair play with Trent Alexander-Arnold the other day, he’s got a lot of stick on his position game, but he’s a victim of his own success because he’s been so good that when he’s had a few bad games, everyone says, ‘oh my god…’

But what I love about him is that he keeps moving forward, he never hides, goes to Arsenal and puts in one of the balls of the season, it was mind blowing, like David Beckham. And then he scores the winner against Villa when he could easily have said, ‘I’m going to sit on the halfway line, I don’t need that to come to me with all the stick I get. “

But he doesn’t and fair play, I like that and I have a lot of respect for him doing that because it’s very easy to go out there and say, “I don’t wanna do that, what’s going on. it if I blow up a balloon in the pits…? ‘

Monday April 19 7:00 p.m.

Kick-off at 8:00 p.m.

Aubameyang set to start attack for Arsenal’s biggest game of the season

Aubameyang was an unused replacement in the 2-1 loss to Tottenham
Aubameyang was dropped and was an unused replacement in Arsenal’s recent 2-1 loss to Tottenham

It’s a big game (against Slavia in the Europa League quarter-final, second leg), but at the end of the day you can only play with the hand that is dealt to you. There are a lot of players who are there before he is there, and I feel for him in a way that they are so up and down.

They should have finished the game against Slavia last week, the chances they missed and that of Alexandre Lacazette is an absolute keeper when he hit the bar, it’s ridiculous.

They are 10th in the championship and it’s Arsenal, let’s not forget. I wouldn’t say get rid of Arteta if they lost this game, however, not a chance.

But I think they win this game, there are a lot of turnarounds there, but they have to start having a plan, a five-year plan. It won’t happen overnight, it has to start now because at the moment they are relying on Bukayo Saka, who is their man of choice, and Emile Smith Rowe when he plays. And no disrespect, it shouldn’t be.

A lot of the players who are there have some of the biggest transfer fees in Arsenal history and they are there and are in the middle of the table – who is buying these players? They need to recruit someone and go, we have a five year plan, who do we call in as the hiring manager and we need to start targeting the players and we need to plan because at the moment there is no there is no plan, it is completely improvised.

They give all that money to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, a big contract, but he’s 31, so we’re back in Mesut Ozil’s situation.

There is something going on with Aubameyang, however, I don’t know what it is. Last Thursday was the biggest game Arsenal have played in a long time, you have to weigh it now as there hasn’t been a crowd for about a year due to the lockdown. Arsenal need European football next season, they have to come back, come on in when the fans are back and there has to be a feel-good factor.

It’s not cheap to watch Arsenal and for team standards it’s expensive. It was their biggest game last Thursday and their biggest winner and their name was sitting on the bench.

So that tells you everything and that’s another Ozil situation …

If I need to win a football game and I know I will have chances there – I might not have many, but they will have Arsenal chances – I need my best scorer in the field.

If he doesn’t bring anything else to the party, he’ll put the ball in the back of the net. And even if he’s four meters away and he’s touching it, that’s what you call a good goal because no one else is there to touch it, he’s the one there. He ends up at the last station tapping them and there’s an art to that.

So for me he’s playing because they have to win. You have to put your goal scorers on the pitch when you need to win. If you don’t have to win and protect the head then you don’t have it on the team because you want people to track the team.

So I take a chance, I have to play my star man – we only gave him a new contract last season, so what has changed?

I like Lacazette, he’s a good footballer, he holds the ball and brings the players into the game, he’s decent.

And I would play it in the lead alongside Aubameyang with three in attack with Saka or Nicolas Pepe and I would say to them: “Give us a goal, we will defend” and they will wreak havoc.

They should wreak havoc – they’re all good players – and it’s not like they’re trying to improve them.

Sunday April 18 12:30 p.m.

Kick-off 1:30 p.m.

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