Scottish woman’s inoperable cancer misdiagnosed as food intolerance

Scottish woman's inoperable cancer misdiagnosed as food intolerance

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A young Scottish woman has launched a heartbreaking fundraiser for treatment across the Atlantic after her cancer was misdiagnosed for three years.
Laura Gilmore Anderson has raised £ 20,000 in just 24 hours to travel to Mexico for therapy and treatment to help fight her inoperable tumor.

Edinburgh Live tells how the 34-year-old started having stomach cramps in 2017 and made countless trips to the GP.

Doctors first said the pain was due to food intolerance and later turned into IBS, before being diagnosed again as endometriosis.

Laura turned to Mexico for treatment
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Her pain became unbearable and a CT scan last May showed a small shadow that was diagnosed as neuroendocrine, a very rare form of pancreatic cancer.

Laura, who is from Ireland, said at the time: “At the end of 2019, I had been absent from work three times with pain, and despite this level of chronic pain, there had never been to real investigation into the cause, I was just taking paracetamol and somehow shrugged it off.

“Eventually I had the CT scan, but it was only because I had been to A&E, it had been so difficult to explain the pain over the phone that I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I will never forget that I was told it was cancer, I was in a business meeting when I got the call to come to the surgery in an hour and bring someone with me. .

Laura has a rare form of cancer
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“But, the biopsy later showed that it wasn’t the final pancreatic cancer that they thought, it was actually neuroendocrine that was the best possible outcome. “

Desperate to have a family of their own, Laura and her husband Paul quickly underwent private IVF treatment before Laura underwent chemotherapy to have the best chance of surrogacy in the future.

She said: “Going through this at 33 was really tough, when I was diagnosed the first thing I asked was ‘can I have a baby’ because we had been trying for a while and this that’s why they thought the pains were endometriosis.

“When that happens all you see are women with babies and it’s horrible, I really think there needs to be more support for women in my situation because you really feel lonely.

The couple began to seek treatment and found the Hope for Cancer Clinic in Mexico, which offers a range of therapies.

Laura added: “I started to think more about healing and not about death, and I researched a number of places where they’ve had cases where they’ve boosted someone’s immune system and shrinks their tumors.

“When I found this one [Hope for Cancer] I saw that a girl in the house had been and it actually shrunk her tumor. Currently my tumor is inoperable and it made me think that if it shrinks I might be a candidate to have it removed.

“The treatments are all non-invasive, I had chemotherapy and it’s the opposite of western medicine, I just hope it can give me a better quality of life and that one day we can still have a baby. . “

Laura is grateful for the support she received.

She said, “” To feel and see this support is amazing, it makes me feel worthy and it gives me hope for the future. I want to live the best life possible and take the opportunity to do my best to beat it.

“The generosity of people towards us and their kindness has been remarkable. “

To make a donation, click here.

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