Scott Rudin apologizes, pulls off Broadway after bullying report


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Scott Rudin

Scott Rudin
photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images for the DGA

It’s been 10 days since Hollywood journalist published “Everyone knows he’s an absolute Monster, “ a long-running report focusing on the alleged Abusive work environment created by Hollywood super-producer (and EGOT winner) Scott Rudin. The play describes Rudin’s status as a sort of supreme bully in the Los Angeles ecosystem, a tyrant happy to work physical violence (mostly by throwing things at or near his subordinates) in a regime. emotional abuse that can range from verbal deprecation to a common practice of firing people and re-hiring them when her mood has calmed down. Collect anecdotes from decades of Rudin’s history in the company (like this recent Vulture room) the THR report described the form of a man who would likely come across as a fascinating character in a movie – but who in the real world was just another abuser, albeit very powerful and financially prosperous.

Now, however, Rudin appears to be facing a few small consequences for his behavior, with Variety report that the producer has apologized and offered to “take a step back” from his various Broadway productions. This follows growing criticism of its business practices, including par karen olivo, the Tony-nominated star who said she wouldn’t be returning to Broadway production of Red Mill! (in which, to be clear, Rudin is not involved) out of disgust with the industry’s support for Rudin and the people Like him.

Rudin gave his wacky master key statement to Le Washington Post, who also notes that he is apparently considering anger management classes, which will certainly be a relief for the many assistants and subordinates he would have. hit over the years. Anyway, here is the statement:

Much has been written about my story of troubling interactions with colleagues, and I am deeply sorry for the pain my behavior has caused individuals, both directly and indirectly. After a period of reflection, I made the decision to no longer actively participate in our Broadway productions, with immediate effect. My roles will be filled by others from the Broadway community and in a number of cases, from the list of participants already in place on these shows. My hope and passionate expectations are that Broadway will reopen successfully very soon and that the many talented artists associated with it will once again begin to thrive and share their art with the world. I don’t want any controversy associated with me to interrupt Broadway’s well-deserved comeback, or more specifically, the return of the 1,500 people working on these shows.

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