Scots soak up the sun as Covid travel restrictions ease

Scots soak up the sun as Covid travel restrictions ease

Some coronavirus-related travel restrictions have been lifted in Scotland and more people can now find themselves outside.
The latest step in easing the lockdown was announced during an unscheduled Covid-19 briefing by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday.

She said the continued decline in virus cases meant restrictions could be relaxed sooner than expected.

Scots can now cross local government boundaries to socialize, have fun and exercise.

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Cyclists line up at an ice cream van in Cramond, northwest of Edinburgh.

But they must follow the order to “stay local” for other purposes such as non-essential purchases, and travel to certain islands is not allowed.

Rules on gatherings have also been relaxed, with groups of six adults from six households now being allowed to meet outside.

Children under 12 do not count towards the limit.

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Loch Morlich near Aviemore in the Highlands

As the changes took effect, the latest coronavirus figures from the Scottish government have shown that three deaths of Covid patients and 204 positive tests have been recorded in the past 24 hours,

Friday’s data brings the death toll by this measure – of people who tested positive for the virus for the first time in the previous 28 days – to 7,640.

The positivity rate for daily tests is 1.4%, down from 1.2% on Thursday.

There are now 109 people in hospital in Scotland confirmed to carry the virus, a drop from six in 24 hours, and of those 18 patients are in intensive care – up to two.

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Largs on Friday April 16.

A total of 2,722,084 people north of the border received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and 688,761 received the second.

Andrew McVie, 27, from Glasgow, told the PA news agency he was ‘super excited’ to be heading to Millport on Cumbrae Island for a day trip by bike for the first time in addition to two. years.

The office assistant said he enjoyed returning to the picturesque island – a short ferry ride from Largs on the North Ayrshire coast – after visiting as a child with his mother.

He said: “I try to go with a bike when I’m free on weekends and day trips, I really like it and it’s very convenient to get there and very easy to cycle. , you can do it in about two hours if don’t stop.

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Largs on Friday April 16.

“That’s why a lot of people like it, there are great landscapes and it’s a really nice, friendly and welcoming place and it’s a beautiful day.

“I missed it so much that I couldn’t go because of the travel restrictions, but I’m going to take precautions anyway.

“And tomorrow I’m going to Edinburgh with some friends for the first time in over a year, which will be good.”

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Lochore Meadows à Fife.

The latest easing of the lockdown comes after barbers and hairdressers opened on April 5 and before a more substantial unlocking of the country on April 26.

On that date, Scotland will move from level four to level three of the four-level restriction system.

Cafes, restaurants and beer gardens can then reopen, as well as shops, gymnasiums, libraries and museums.

Travel between Scotland, England and Wales will be permitted and tourist accommodation can welcome visitors again.

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Parc Kelvingrove, Glasgow.

Other restrictions will ease in May and over the summer if Covid-19 continues to be removed.

Announcing the measures on Tuesday, Sturgeon said, “We have always said we will keep the plans under review and speed up the lifting of restrictions if possible.

“The improved data doesn’t allow us to be cautious – not if we’re reasonable – but it does give us a bit of limited leeway.

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People enjoying the sun and sand in Aberdeen on Friday April 16th.

“So from the end of this week you can meet your family and friends who live in different parts of the country.

“Many of these meetings will be long overdue and eagerly awaited. Remember that at this point, meetings should always take place outdoors – you cannot socialize in people – and remember that due to the physical distance, the capacity of public transport remains. relatively limited.

But on Thursday, the Prime Minister told the PA news agency it was “positive” that the easing of travel restrictions had been brought forward, but warned the Scots not to let down their guard.

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Two people meet on a bench in Aberdeen.

“Do not go to crowded places, if you are heading to a beach or a park and it is very crowded, please leave because crowded places are not safe places.

“Please follow all rules and tips, remember to cover your face, remember like I said to avoid crowded places, hand hygiene, keep your two meters away. “

The PM added: “As long as we all stick to the advice that is still in place, this easing of restrictions tomorrow should be the first in a long series and I think that, especially because of the vaccination schedule, we can all afford to be fair. it’s a little more optimistic at the moment.


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