RIP Chernobyl and Friday Night Dinner actor Paul Ritter


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Paul Ritter

Paul Ritter
photo: Jeff Spicer (Getty Images)

As reported by The Associated Press, actor Paul Ritter – best known to American audiences for playing haggard and impatient nuclear engineer Anatoly Dyatlov on HBO’s Chernobyl and the wizard Eldred Worple in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince– died of a brain tumor. He was 54 years old.

In England, Ritter was perhaps better recognized thanks to his work on the comedy series Friday evening dinner, on which he played Martin Goodman, the patriarch of a Jewish family living in north London who would see their weekly Friday dinner derailed by wacky hijackings. In a report, Friday evening dinner creator Robert Popper called Ritter a “lovely and wonderful human being,” adding that he was “kind, funny, super caring and the greatest actor I have ever worked with.

Ritter left an undeniable impression on HBO Chernobyl, standing out even among its star cast. His character, the very unlovable Dyatlov, has been described as the man who was largely responsible for the Chernobyl disaster after ignoring the warning signs, and he effectively embodied the general themes of the limited series on them. leadership failures and the defense of an ideology over the defense of the people. Chernobyl Writer Craig Mazin also shared a statement about Ritter, calling him “one of the sweetest, gracious and brilliant people” he has ever known.

Paul Ritter is survived by his wife and sons.

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