REPORT PHOTO: EPCOT 04/13/21 (Progress of the pavement of the Pavilion of France, harmonious screen test, arrival of the spring menu of the New Farmers’ Day, limited edition pins, etc.


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Greetings, world travelers, for a hot but pleasant day here at EPCOT! It was a calm day here, but we still found some fun new things to show you. Let’s get started!

As we have seen for a few days, the crews are busy at the top of the scaffolding installed along the facade of the future site of the Club Cool and the Creations Shop. The work here appears to be progressing rapidly.

On World Showcase Lagoon, a screen barge was tested this morning. These tests are common, especially early in the morning.

Another common sight is the work in progress on the ring barge via an early morning freight elevator. Today it looked like this worker was dealing with some of the flexible screening material we saw installed further down the ring. The man’s elevator is usually taken out and docked for the day near American Adventure, but if you ‘ditch’ the park you will likely see similar work in progress.


In the pavilion of France, the paving work is progressing well, the front part at the entrance of the pavilion apparently being completed.


The wooden spacers were removed and a more permanent space filler was installed.


Further into the pavilion, however, the work is not complete and the wooden struts are still in place.


Concrete pillars, planters and benches are being painted in the China Pavilion.


However, not all of the painting is finished. You can see that the left bench was not painted, compared to the right bench that did.


In the Mexico pavilion on the Gran Fiesta tour, we found that the audio track on the second screen had finally synchronized with the video. The situation certainly got worse before it got better, but we are happy to report that it has now been corrected.


However, the dancing doll is still absent from the party scene. It also goes without saying that the famous animatronics from the final scene are yet to return.


The menu for Farmer’s Feast, the festival food booth whose menu will rotate with seasonal offers, has moved to “Spring”. Three new dishes are now available, while the drinks remain the same. For more photos and information, including our full review, check out our article here.


We found two new limited edition pins today, starting with this mystery collection “The Rescuers” from Character Connection. Each box contains a randomly selected pin and costs $ 17.99.


The second was this limited edition lapel pin celebrating Doctor’s Day, which costs $ 19.99. Both limited edition pins can be found at Pin Traders.


Today we found two new additions to the Mousewares range. One was this fun scoop of ice cream for $ 14.99, and the next was this all-over printed neoprene lunch bag for $ 34.99. Both items were found at Mouse Gear.


On the way out we took a moment to admire the patterned landscape, which has really developed and has become quite lush recently. We had a wonderful meeting at EPCOT and we hope you enjoyed joining us. Have a magical day!

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