Rangers boss Steven Gerrard hits back at acting Celtic’s Covid 5 frustrations John Kennedy

Neil Lennon and Scott Brown in Dubai

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STEVEN GERRARD accused the SFA of playing guessing games with the Covid punishments.
Interim Celtic boss John Kennedy has criticized the disciplinary process – and insisted Rangers youngster Nathan Patterson should be hammered for breaking the rules.


Rangers boss Steven Gerrard with interim Celtic John KennedyCredit: The Sun

Ibrox club have appealed the six-game ban on the defender and four other players who attended a lockdown party in Glasgow.

Gers boss Gerrard said the beaks should go easy on future Scottish star Patterson.

Kennedy is in turmoil, the hearing will not take place until April 20, leaving the youngster free to face Celtic in the Old Firm Cup clash next week.

Gerrard insists he agrees with rival Hoops on the SFA’s inconsistencies, but says they extend to the Celts’ controversial trip to Dubai.


Gers kid Nathan PattersonCredit: PA

The boss of the Gers declared: “I do not see any consistency with the result of the bans compared to previous situations.

“In Dubai, social distancing rules have been clearly broken and nothing has been done.

“It looks like the SFA is guessing with punishments. Nothing really came of the trip to Dubai.

“The only thing that has resulted is that no one else is allowed to go to training camp now.

“We move on from this incident, but the rules were broken on this trip in terms of drinking together.

Neil Lennon and Scott Brown in Dubai

“There was no social distance in this situation. We never heard anything about it.

“Boli Bolingoli decided to go to another country, came back, trained with his players without telling anyone and got involved against Kilmarnock.

“I think he got five games, two of which were suspended.

“I don’t understand all the inconsistencies in terms of punishments.

“And I don’t think what Rangers did to the players in terms of penalty was taken into consideration.

Kennedy is furious that Patterson is allowed to play5
Kennedy is furious that Patterson is allowed to playCredit: PA

“The only people who can find these consistencies are the SFA.

“Not just in Covid situations. How many times have we talked about inconsistencies?

“There was an incident when Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent were suspended in the back of an Old Firm game, I can’t remember the exact one.

“Then Scott Brown got a retrospective ban later after the league was won.

“We didn’t mention this to the Rangers because we’re just worried about our situation.”

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard5
Rangers boss Steven GerrardCredit: Getty

Gerrard says it’s a boost to have Patterson available to take on the Celts, but admitted he feels Kennedy’s pain.

He added: “We want all of our players to be fit and available, especially when you are in my shoes with all the challenges that are thrown at us.

“We just learned that the hearing will take place on April 20, which means the guys from Covid will be available for the next two games.

“Of course it’s a boost, we weren’t expecting that.

“But that’s what it is, these decisions are beyond our control, we don’t decide when these hearings take place. We do not control the date of the hearings.

“I agree with John Kennedy on the inconsistencies of the SFA.

“I feel his pain, if I was John I would be frustrated if good players were available to play against my team.”

Gerrard believes it is only fitting that the Gers make an appeal as they support the club’s position again.

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He said: “Our boys made a mistake and at the time it was indefensible.

“But we were at the forefront to be on top. We suspended our players and gave them the maximum fine.

“They missed games because of it, but it was our decision at the club, the government didn’t tell us to do it.

“It was our decision and we also imposed the maximum fine on them.

“I was firm and strong with what I said to these players face to face saying it was unacceptable, and how we felt as a club. But there are so many inconsistencies around these punishments.

“The Aberdeen guys got five games, three of which were suspended, with real positive cases of Covid at the back.

“That’s why the government stepped in and canceled their matches.

“Plus, we’re the only people who know the details of what happened that night. Everyone thinks that if you break the rules of Covid, every situation is exactly the same.

“People compare this situation to Jordan Jones and George Edmundson.

“When you know the details of the two situations, they are very different.

“We are appealing their punishments based on this.”

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