Prince Philip’s birth certificate in Greek is found buried for 99 years.

Prince Philip's birth certificate in Greek is found buried for 99 years.  4

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Prince Philip’s birth certificate was released on Sunday by English publication The Mail – after being buried for nearly a century in archives near the Greek villa where he was born in Corfu, Greece.

The document was handwritten in Greek Katharevousa, a purist version of modern Greek, by a priest named Spiriodon Tryfonas on the island of Corfu.

Prince Philip was baptized in the Corfu Greek Orthodox Church in 1922 at the Church of Saint George.

It has been collecting dust for decades in municipal archives housed in a former British Army barracks which is in the imposing Venetian fortress overlooking Corfu’s old town.

But yesterday, a staff member agreed to give the Mail on Sunday access to the leather-bound book in which the prince’s birth was recorded.

It details how Prince Andrew of Greece, Philip’s father, introduced a little boy to the priest, who he said was born at 10 a.m. on May 28, 1921.

Philip was born on June 10, 1921, but experts say his birth was recorded using the ancient Julian calendar, which was still in use in Greece at the turn of the 20th century.

The document states that the baby’s mother was “her Royal Princess Aliki” (Alice), whose father Louis, Prince of Battenberg was “born in Windsor Castle”.

Prince Philip’s birth certificate

Greek birth certificate (translated)

“In Corfu, on October 24 of the year 1921, I, the undersigned vicar of the Church of Our Christ-Savior, which is located within the walls of the royal domain Mon Repos, declare that His Royal Highness Prince Andreas ( Andrew) of Greece, 39, son of the late King George I, born in Athens and resident in Corfu, appeared before me.

He presented me with a newborn male and declared that he was born on Friday May 28, 1921 at 10 a.m. in his residence to his 36 year old Princess Royal Aliki (Alice), daughter of Louis, Prince of Battenberg, born at Windsor Castle.

At his baptism, the newborn was given the name Philippos (Philip) by his godparents, namely Her Royal Majesty the Queen Mother Olga, represented by Her Highness Princess Olga, daughter of Her Royal Highness Prince Nikolaos of Greece, and the Municipality of Corfiates, represented unanimously by the mayor Mr. Alexandros S. Kokotos and Mr. Stylianos I. Maniarizis, president of the municipal council.

The registration act was drawn up in the presence of the witness, Theodoros Chrysovitsianos, son of Nikolaos, aged 45, doctor, born in Corfu, and Konstantinos Alamanos, son of Pericles, aged 39, lawyer, born in Corfu, and the two municipal councils. .

The registration deed is legally signed by me, the person appearing and the witnesses.

The Mons Repos villa where Prince Philip was born in Corfu, Greece Photo FB Susan Jenns Black

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