Prince Philip: Royals should wear costumes at Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral after U-turn on military uniform | UK News

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh surrounded by seven of their great-grandchildren at Balmoral Castle in 2018. The Duchess of Cambridge

Members of the Royal Family will break with tradition and not wear military uniforms at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

It’s understood the Queen approved the move, which means Prince Charles, Prince William et Prince Andrew will wear costumes at the ceremony on Saturday.

As part of the original plan, Prince harry facing being one of the only close relatives not to wear the uniform – despite having served in the military in Afghanistan – as he lost his honorary titles when he left royal duties.

Watch and follow live coverage of Prince Philip’s funeral service on Sky News from 12:30 p.m. Saturday

Protocol suggests that he can only wear a costume with medals.

Andrew and Charles had to wear the uniform thanks to their service in the Royal Navy – Andrew would have considered the admiral’s uniform.

He was scheduled to be promoted to rank last year, but was “postponed” when he stepped down due to outcry over his links with Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince William served in both the Army and the RAF.

The uniform turn-around was “the most telling solution to the problem,” a military source told The Sun.

Ahead of the funeral, the Queen held a ceremony at Windsor Castle on Wednesday to officially welcome her new Lord Chamberlain, former MI5 boss Baron Parker.

Prince Andrew reportedly considered wearing an admiral’s uniform

He will globally control the funeral in his new post as the highest official in the royal household.

Saturday’s funeral is taking place in St George’s Chapel in Windsor and will have just 30 guests due to coronavirus restrictions.

Under the plans, the Duke’s coffin will be transported to the chapel on a specially modified Land Rover, which he helped design.

The Prince of Wales and other members of the Royal Family will participate in the procession on foot.

A recently released photo shows the couple with seven of their great-grandchildren, the Duchess of Cambridge

With the royal family still mourning the death of the Duke, a unpublished photo of Philip and the Queen with seven of their great-grandchildren was also released yesterday.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s 2018 photo shows the Queen cradling Prince Louis and the Duke next to Princess Charlotte.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s Twitter account also posted two photos – a black and white image of Philip and a young Charles on horseback playing polo.

Meanwhile, Princess Eugenie, granddaughter of the queen, paid homage to his “very dear grandfather” and promised to take care of “Granny”.

“I remember cremating the sausages and you came to save the day,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

“I remember your hands and your laughter and your favorite beer. I will remember you in your children, your grandchildren and great grandchildren.

“Thank you for your dedication and love for all of us and especially for Granny, whom we will take care of for you. ”


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