Prince Harry looks like his grandfather Prince Philip in his 30s


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With his bushy red beard, blue eyes and cheeky smile, the dashing soldier could be Prince Harry.

But the star of this vintage Paris Match magazine cover is actually her grandfather Prince Philip at 36.

Royal photographer Chris Jackson first noticed the striking similarity between the duo after discovering a 1957 copy of the French magazine, featuring the Duke of Edinburgh wearing the tropical robe of the Blues and Royal, a cavalry regiment of the British army.

Jackson reposted the cover photo over the weekend, writing, “Today I remembered this amazing vintage @parismatch_magazine from 1957 that I acquired a few years ago. I was blown away as soon as I spotted it. It always reminds me of the unique and historical points of reference provided by royal photography. The cover page features an incredibly suave Prince Philip on tour with the Queen.

Prince Philip’s photo is believed to have been colorized from a black and white negative – but the Duke’s skin tone, eye color and facial hair are almost identical to Harry’s. Harry even donned the same uniform – one of 22 official dress orders for the Blues and Royals – in 2012, while in the Bahamas on a Diamond Jubilee tour.

Prince Philip at Paris Match
Prince Philip on the cover of a Paris Match magazine from 1957.
Paris Match

The magazine cover was published the same year Philip was awarded the style and title of Prince by his wife, Queen Elizabeth II.

Harry is currently in the UK for the first time since leaving the royal family last year. As revealed by Page Six, he is staying with his cousin Princess Eugenie, husband Jack Brooksbanks and their baby August at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday.

Prince harry
Prince Harry wearing the tropical robe of the Blues and Royal, a British Army Cavalry Regiment, in 2012.
Getty Images

On Monday, Harry paid tribute to his grandfather, who died on Friday at the age of 99, citing his ‘charm’ and ‘quick wit’ – remembering him as a ‘barbecue master’ and a ‘joke legend’.

Harry ended his statement with “Per Mare, Per Terram” – the motto of the Royal Marines of the United Kingdom which means “By sea, by land”.

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