Nicola Sturgeon Briefing Covid RECAP: Prime Minister announces travel restrictions and outdoor flexibilities from Friday


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Hello and welcome to our live blog from Tuesday April 13th.

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Last update: Tuesday April 13, 2021, 2:00 PM

  • Six adults from a maximum of six households can meet outdoors from Friday
  • Scots will be able to travel anywhere in the country from Friday, but cross-border travel is still limited until April 26.
  • FM “extremely confident”, those living under current restrictions of level 4 will upgrade to level 3 from April 26

Tourism industry responds to confirmation of easing coronavirus restrictions

The Scottish Tourism Alliance responded to today’s news by saying: “Our tourism sector is 70% dependent on the domestic market and today’s news will be a massive boost for many businesses that matter so much to attracting visitors from all parts of the UK. “
Scottish Retail Consortium: “Reopening alone will not be a silver bullet: stores affected by the lockdown have missed more than £ 2 billion in 18 weeks.
“It will take time for retailers to recover: some form of consumer stimulation is vital after this harsh winter and slow spring. “

These are the 11 regions of Scotland with the most new cases of coronavirus between April 3 and April 9

The Explore Islay and Jura travel group welcomes the announcement that the Scottish Islands will reopen to the rest of the country on April 26.

Scottish nightclubs set to reopen this summer

Scottish nightclubs are online so they can reopen this summer.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was optimistic that clubs and other entertainment venues could return to normal in the coming months.
Theaters, concert halls and comedy clubs have already been reopened in mid-May, but on a restricted basis, with limited social distancing and limited capacity.
Nightclub operators in Scotland have called on the government to align the country with England, where social distancing restrictions are expected to be lifted by the end of June if infection rates are kept low.
Read more here by Brian Ferguson.

Loganair welcomes FM’s announcement today that tourists will once again be allowed to visit the Scottish Islands from April 26.

Managing Director Jonathan Hinkles said: ‘We are encouraged to see that the Scottish Government has paved the way for the safe reopening of travel and tourism to and from the islands of Scotland – a decision made possible by the huge progress made on the Covid. vaccination program.
“This is great news and cannot come too soon for those parts of the economy of our islands which are heavily dependent on tourism.
“As an airline that has served island communities for over 50 years and remains fully committed to what is our heart, we are very excited to support this reopening.
“Tickets are now on sale for all of our island destinations, and we would like to stress that our customers can have absolute confidence through our Flex & Protect initiative that if the rules change again, they can rearrange their bookings at no additional cost.

“Slight increase” of the South African variant in Scotland, according to the chief medical officer

25 cases of the South African variant have been detected in Scotland according to Dr Gregor Smith.

He said there were also six cases of the Brazilian variant in the country.
But he assured that there was no evidence of community transmission and that experts continue to “monitor them very closely”.
Speaking at today’s unscheduled coronavirus briefing, he said: ‘We can sequence virtually any case across Scotland, a huge step forward and stop the possibility of other variants emerging. are developing across the country.
“There has been a slight increase in the number of variant cases, but it’s very small and contained. “

FM says international travel must wait

Here is his full statement on overseas travel:
“International travel remains a significant risk, especially given the accelerating spread that we are seeing in many other parts of the world and given the possibility, in fact the reality of new variants and a risk importation of the virus and new variants into Scotland. .
“We won’t be keeping these restrictions in place any longer than necessary, but it’s important for now to protect our progress here so that we don’t make the mistakes we maybe made when we got out of lockdown last time around and we also opened up international travel. quickly, then undermine and undermine the progress we have made.
“I know it’s not easy, and a lot of times when we talk about international travel we talk about vacations, but I’m very aware that for many people traveling abroad is seeing families.

Getting vaccinated doesn’t mean breaking the fast in Ramadan, says FM

FM said the vaccine does not mean breaking a fast for Muslims observing Ramadan because the Islamic holiday begins tomorrow.

She urged members of the community to get vaccinated “as soon as possible”.

Current update of vaccination statistics in Scotland:

The entire adult population of Scotland is expected to be offered the vaccine by the end of July, says FM.

The vaccinations are as follows:
  • 2,682,706 people in Scotland received their first dose – 13,983 first doses increased
  • 605,126 people have now received a second dose – 14,952 increase in second doses
  • Almost 60% of Scotland’s adult population have now received their first dose of the covid vaccine
  • Almost everyone over 60 has now received a first dose of the vaccine
  • 96% of 55-59 year olds
  • 84% of 50-54 year olds

International travel is still a “significant risk,” FM said.

FM said she hoped travel restrictions outside the UK could be agreed “on a four country basis”.
She said: “I know it is difficult, but it is important for me to stress this – international travel remains a significant risk, especially given the accelerating spread that we are seeing in other regions. world and given the possibility and indeed the reality of the new variants and the risk that the virus and new variants of the virus will be imported into Scotland.
“We may have to endure the restrictions on international travel a little longer because of the price we are paying for a much greater normalcy here in Scotland. “

FM disputed Health Secretary Jeane Freeman’s admission last week that not taking the right precautions to move elderly patients from hospitals to nursing homes was a ‘mistake’

FM said a full public inquiry into the Scottish government’s handling of the pandemic will begin later this year.

Main points raised in FM’s statement on the coronavirus:

FM said a reduction in the prevalence of the virus meant an acceleration in the planned easing of the lockdown was possible to support mental health and well-being.
She said during a coronavirus briefing that there had been three deaths from the coronavirus and 221 positive tests in the past 24 hours.
It followed a nearly seven-month low on Monday, with just 199 cases.
Ms Sturgeon said that starting Friday, people will be able to leave their local authority area for the purposes of socializing, recreation or exercise.
Rules on gatherings will also be relaxed, with six adults from a maximum of six households able to meet outside.
Scotland’s current lockdown easing plan will open cafes, restaurants and beer gardens on April 26, as well as shops, gyms, libraries and museums.
The hospitality will close its doors at 8 p.m. indoors and at 10 p.m. outdoors, alcohol can only be served outside.
From May 17, pubs will open indoors until 10:30 p.m. and contact sports, cinemas and small-scale events can take place.

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