M&S Colin the Caterpillar: We tried Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda caterpillar cakes to see if they were better than Colin

M&S Colin the Caterpillar: We tried Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda caterpillar cakes to see if they were better than Colin

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For three decades, Colin the Caterpillar has been the cake of choice for children’s birthdays.
Eating a slice of Colin was a rite of passage for every child born since 1990 – the year he first appeared on M&S.

That’s why most of the other supermarkets have released their own versions as well – including Sainsbury’s Wiggles, Morrison’s Morris, Tesco’s Curly, and Asda’s Clyde.

But it was Aldi’s Cuthbert who caused a storm recently after M&S decided to take legal action against the company for claiming it is too similar to Colin.

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In response, Aldi launched a #FreeCuthbert Twitter campaign, tweeting: “Marks & Snitches looks more like. #FreeCuthbert ”and“ This is not just any lawsuit, this is… #FreeCuthbert ”.

Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons all have their own versions – but do they measure up to Colin?

I tried the other caterpillar patties to see if they were better than Colin – all in the name of journalism.

And there was only one winner.

I’ve been around Wickford and Basildon to pick up these caterpillars – and I’m shocked at how expensive they are.

With my bank balance taking a hit, I took the cakes home and prepared to dig.

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They seem to have grown bigger over the years – both in size and price.

I took a photo of the huge caterpillar cakes next to my large breed dog, Trevor, for reference – he wasn’t overly impressed.

Don’t worry, Trevor hasn’t eaten any!

Here is what I thought of caterpillar cakes

M&S – Colin la chenille

The “original” chenille cake, Colin is an M&S icon.

For over 30 years, M&S has led the way in the caterpillar cake game – and it’s easy to see why.

Price: 4/5 I had tears in my eyes when I saw the price of £ 7.

The price makes M&S the supermarket brand’s most expensive caterpillar cake – but for good reason.

Packaging: 4/5 In my opinion, M&S offers the most sophisticated chenille cake packaging.

It has plastic wrap around the box, along with a cardboard box and clear plastic that lets you see what Colin looks like.

The green packaging and the image of the caterpillar really takes me back to my childhood and is a nice addition to the packaging.

Although the plastic is not recyclable, the packaging of this cake is not good for the environment – so a point was dropped because of that.

Value: 4/5 For the amount of cake you get and the taste it tastes good value – but I would only buy it for a kid’s birthday or for a special occasion (like a first person review for EssexLive).

The cake is actually the biggest compared to the rest of the supermarkets, but according to the service suggestion, it serves the fewest portions – which doesn’t make sense.

But due to its size, there are definitely more servings than 10. For the amount of cake, the price and the taste, it is well worth it.

Watch: 5/5 Colin is the cake that looks more like a caterpillar in terms of shape than the other cakes. It is very well done, with a layer of chocolate surrounding it. The smarties are also perfectly positioned on his body.

Taste: 5/5 There’s a reason Colin is the best caterpillar cake.

The adorable little shoes and white chocolate face are the perfect addition to the milk chocolate cake.

Smarties are good and give the cake a little bit of crunch. The thick outer chocolate coating is perfect.

The whole cake is chocolatey, but not too chocolatey, and it also has the right amount of sweetness.

Texture: 5/5 With the smarties adding crunch, moisture, and texture to the cake, Colin has the best texture by far.

Tesco – Curly la chenille

Can I taste the difference? Yes. Yes I can.

While the Tesco is palatable, it doesn’t quite match Colin from M&S.

While Tesco has one thing M&S doesn’t, it’s a female version of the cake, Calli The Caterpillar. –

Packing: 2/5 Like the M&S, there is a plastic coating on the cardboard so you can see through Curly.

The packaging is quite boring (minus 1 point) and with plastic it’s hard to recycle – so like M&S one point has been eliminated.

Another point was dropped because when I opened it the packaging just tore – so it’s not particularly good quality.

Price: 3/5 Slightly cheaper than Colin, Curly is priced at £ 6 but currently on the Clubcard promotion for £ 5.45. It’s not a horrible price – but I wouldn’t pay for it under normal circumstances.

Value: 2/5 With the wrong packaging, the 12 person serving size, the right taste and price, I wouldn’t say the value for money was that good. It’s not great, but not great.

Watch: 3/5 Curly’s marzipan face disappointed and scared me – the green face and pearly eyes seemed like he was looking into your soul.

Not only that, it looked very dry – and it was.

Taste: 3/5 The marzipan face didn’t really taste much – although it still tasted better than Asda’s (as we’ll see in a moment), and I preferred the chocolate faces from Sainsbury’s and M&S.

Texture: 2/5 Curly was pretty dry, but it was saved by the butterscotch filling. There was a nice even layer of milk chocolate on the outside – but the dryness of the cake was still there.

Asda – Clyde la chenille

Clyde has a friend named Frieda – and she is gluten free. Maybe Frieda would taste better than Clyde…

Packaging: 3/5 Cute but very fragile packaging – minus 1 point. And again, like the others, plastic is not recyclable – minus one other point.

Price: 4/5 The cheapest chenille cake of the lot when Tesco isn’t on offer, priced at £ 5.92. It’s a decent price, but I definitely wouldn’t buy it normally.

Value: 3/5 First, why £ 5.92 and not £ 5.90 or £ 5.95? It’s just boring.

It serves 12 people

Would I buy it and is it good value for money? Not in my opinion.

Watch: 3/5 Clyde’s green face is a little scary. Like Tesco, he had piercing eyes and a huge red nose that was a bit scary – or is it just me?

Unlike the others, Clyde didn’t come with smarties, instead he came with tiny little edible decorations.

Another thing that disappointed me was her marzipan feet and face, while the others had white chocolate feet.

Taste: 3/5

I wasn’t a fan of the marzipan, but the chocolate cake itself and the butterscotch cream tasted great.

Texture: 2/5 Can someone pass my coffee, please? Why is it so dry?

The cake was saved, however, by the butterscotch cream filling, which made it slightly less dry. Although it tasted good, the texture was a bit quirky.

One thing Clyde has going for him though, is that he cut a lot better than other cakes. Swings and roundabouts I guess.

Sainsbury’s – Stirs the caterpillar

Packing: 4/5 The packaging is a bit bland and like the others the plastic is not recyclable.

But Wiggles comes with a cut out butterfly mask for your kids to enjoy – which is a lovely but simple addition – so Wiggles earns an extra point for that. I’m not sure I can do it.

Price: 3/5 Wiggles costs £ 6 which is about average compared to other cakes.

Value: 4/5 Compared to other chenille cakes, £ 6 is good enough for number of servings (14), size and taste.

Watch: 4/5 Wiggles was pretty neat and looked pretty appealing – glitter and smarties looked good.

When I first cut it I thought it looked pretty dry – but I was wrong.

Taste: 4/5 Wiggles tasted pretty good – sweet, but not too sweet and chocolaty, but not too chocolatey. In fact, I preferred the smarties on Wiggles than on Colin!

But one thing that let Wiggles down was that the white chocolate for his shoes didn’t taste much.

Texture: 4/5 At first glance, I thought Wiggles would be another chocolatey, dry mess, but it was actually smooth and wet.

What is the best?

For me, the OG caterpillar, Colin of M&S, takes the crown. There’s a reason M&S has a monopoly on pasty caterpillars. Here is how I would classify them:

1. M&S – Colin la chenille

2. Sainsbury’s – Stir the caterpillar

3. Tesco – Curly La chenille

4. Asda – Clyde la chenille

Now I have four chenille patties not knowing what to do. Does anyone want a share?

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