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gHello. What happened to the 3.1 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine that were intended for use in Australians today? This is one of the many big unanswered questions about Australia’s slower-than-expected vaccine rollout. It seems that not much has changed after the royal banking commission, according to employees. And if New Zealand’s Covid bubble news was music to your ears, don’t miss our thread on Kiwis’ Top Travel Tips.

European Union says it has not blocked further shipments of AstraZeneca vaccine in Australia, contradicting Scott Morrison’s assertion that international supply issues are primarily to blame for missing deployment targets. Overnight, an EU spokesperson said the only rejected export request out of nearly 500 received so far was a shipment of 250,000 doses to Australia in March. Federal government criticized for slow deployment and lack of transparency on the number of doses manufactured and administered locally. Critical data on the government’s immunization program is lacking, including locally manufactured volumes, available doses and herd immunity goals. Now disability services take Covid vaccinations “into their own hands”, directly contacting general practitioners to ensure supplies for vulnerable residents, rather than waiting for deliveries to arrive at their facilities. the National disability services general manager David Moody said the slow rollout meant they couldn’t get the vaccines where their clients lived.

While vaccine deployment has been slower than expected in Australia, all American adults will be eligible to receive a coronavirus vaccine by April 19, extending the original May 1 deadline by about two weeks. Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports on the causal link between the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine and rare blood clots. The European medicines regulator has denied having already established a causal link, after a senior agency official said there was a link. But drug safety experts UK thinks there might be a causal link but says vaccination programs should continue, with risk mitigation for women under 55.

The culture within Australian banks has not improved in the two years since an overhaul of the scandalous industry was recommended by a royal commission., say employees. “If anything, since the CR, things just got worse,” said a worker in a focus group where employees dismissed claims that they were no longer being paid based on sales benchmarks. “Banks think no one is watching. Since the royal commission, they have just returned things and it is worse than ever. An employee of a retail bank for one of the Big Four banks said the lure of bonuses for making sales, which had been banned as a result of the royal commission, had been replaced by fear of being sacked if targets were not met.


Former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate said she never agreed to step down.
Former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate said she never agreed to step down. Photography: Mick Tsikas / AAP

Former Australia Post Managing Director Christine Holgate, possesses doubled down on her claim that she never agreed to steer clear of her controversial gift of Cartier watches to senior executives and alleged that the president of the company repeatedly lied about the saga.

Services Australia has been criticized by a government watchdog for continuing to collect money from welfare recipients through its botched robotic debt system after admitting that the program was illegal.

An investigation will examine whether understaffing contributed to the death of a young girl forced to wait two hours for treatment in the emergency department of a Perth hospital where four doctors were ill.

The world

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is
One of Alexei Navalny’s lawyers says it is a “total scandal” that the conditions of detention have made him so ill. Photography: Alexander Zemlianichenko / AP

Alexei Navalny’s lawyer confirmed that Russian opposition figure was “gravely ill” and was transferred to a prison sick room with respiratory illness after reporting a cough and a temperature of 38.1 ° C.

Ukrainian President called on NATO hasten the accession of his country to the Western military alliance in response to a growing reinforcement of Russian forces at the borders of his country.

Dutch police arrest 58-year-old man on suspicion of stealing paintings by Vincent van Gogh and Frans Hals estimated to be worth US $ 25 million during nighttime raids on museums in the Netherlands last year.

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Maybe I could get a certificate, I thought, formally acknowledging that I was no longer a Catholic.
Maybe I could get a certificate, I thought, expressly acknowledging that I was no longer a Catholic. Photographie: Artit Fongfung / Alamy Stock Photo

Like many deceased Catholics, Monica Dux’s relationship with the church has seen dramatic ups and downs, but it turns out that excommunication is more difficult than it looks. If you don’t go to church, does it matter that the church still thinks you are part of the flock? “The moral of this story is not that the excommunication is largely misunderstood by the mainstream Catholic community (and Madonna). That’s because there’s actually no way to leave the church. According to church doctrine, once you have been baptized, the bond cannot be broken. Communion is eternal. You could undress, paint JESUS ​​SUCKS! on your butt and cross St Peter’s main square. As far as the church is concerned, you would always be one of them, ”she wrote.

International travel is finally back on the agenda! Following the announcement of the long-awaited ‘travel bubble’ with New Zealand, we sat down with seven Kiwi creatives – and the young mayor of Dunedin – to share their internal tips on where to walk, eat, do. shopping and enjoying life after crossing the border April 19. From hikes with “epic views” of Otago harbor to “the deepest greens you’ve ever seen” at Lake Kanière, to the small “less funki” town on the South Island, sometimes it takes a local to know where to go.


Since 2014, at least $ 90 million in government funding for Indigenous communities has been awarded to 10 of Australia’s largest companies as part of the Indigenous Advocacy Strategy. This money is intended to close the huge employment and wealth gap between indigenous peoples and the rest of the population.

Indigenous Affairs Editor-in-Chief Lorena Allam is investigating whether these funds are going to the right place.

Full story

Where is the money really going for aboriginal communities?

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War, asylum and near death at sea shaped Asif Sultani’s karate journey from Afghanistan to Australia and now to the Olympics. The 24-year-old athlete is a karateka – a karate athlete – and one of 55 sportsmen and women from 13 countries to receive an IOC Refugee Athlete Scholarship, providing them with assistance with training and competitions then they are looking to make the team final cup for Tokyo.

To the naked eye, the atmosphere of the National Scrabble Championships is decidedly underestimated. Take a closer look and you could see the man towards the back wearing glasses, a plain t-shirt and just fabulous pants in zigzag technicolor. He and an opponent are huddled on boards with the words “spew”, “vom”, “yay”, “gif” and “equid”.

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the abc reports that 15 men between the ages of 21 and 52 have been arrested for child exploitation material in the Northern Territory and Queensland after a three-month operation targeting child predators was launched in January. Credit Suisse has taken legal action to liquidate Whyalla Steelworks from Sanjeev Gupta in South Australia, according to the Australian Financial Review. And the Sydney Morning Herald says the value of land around Sydney’s new airport increased dramatically even before the land was rezoned, with some properties increasing nearly 250% before the revisions were scheduled.

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Australian health experts will meet to discuss the AstraZeneca vaccine.

NSW Coroner Teresa O’Sullivan is due to release her findings on the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Sydney teenage siblings Jack and Jennifer Edwards, shot dead by their father John Edwards who later committed suicide.

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Learning another language is difficult, but the French proficiency exam required for permanent residence in Quebec, Canada, has drawn attention to its difficulty after francophones have failed the test.

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