Mikel Arteta confirms Arsenal players who treated the club as a retirement will be cut

The Arsenal squad in which Emmanuel Petit regularly played competed for the Premier League title

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Mikel Arteta has vowed to fire Arsenal players who act like they’re on vacation after Emmanuel Petit’s scathing criticism of his former club.
Premier League and FA Cup winner Petit has torn up Arsenal’s recent recruiting and said too many of the club’s top players are treating him as a ‘holiday retreat’.

Arteta has taken Petit’s assessment into account and vowed to change the Frenchman’s mind on Arsenal.

And the Gunners boss has explained that he will do so by removing the people who don’t play for the badge.

“The [Petit] knows the club well, ”said Arteta. He was here in their most successful years and has this opinion. I am here to change that opinion.

Mikel Arteta has vowed to remove Arsenal players who act like they’re on vacation
(Image: Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

“I’m here to give my assessment of what I see every day and where we are and I know where we are and where we want to go. We have to respect that.

“Showing passion goes with the character. People who are much more extroverts than introverts show more emotion with their body language than others.

“But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt so much. Of course, players who do not have this passion, this emotion and this commitment, will not be in this football club. “

The Arsenal side that Petit played in regularly competed for the Premier League title.

But the Gunners are 10th this season, with the Europa League their only chance to win silverware.

Hitting Arsenal’s recent decline, Petit told Ladbrokes: “I still believe they have quality players at their disposal – do I think they have a lot of quality players?

” No. They have a good group of young players, although they are still learning.

The Arsenal squad in which Emmanuel Petit regularly played competed for the Premier League title
(Image: Philip Coburn)

“I think some of these youngsters can get really good in the years to come – but in order to do that they need to see an example set by the senior players. It shouldn’t be at a club like Arsenal that the youngest players are the only ones who show passion, combat and aggression.

“It has to come from the older players who should lead by example. When I look at the older players on the squad, it’s like they think this is a retired football club, a place you just go for a vacation. “

“If you took out the name ‘Arsenal’ and looked at this group of players… average.

“At the end of the season, if I’m Arsenal, if I’m Arteta, if I’m on the set, to be honest with you, I think my main concern is getting half of the locker room out. “

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