Microsoft’s new Surface headsets and headphones have Microsoft Teams buttons

Microsoft's new Surface headsets and headphones have Microsoft Teams buttons

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Microsoft is launching Surface Headphones 2 Plus today alongside two new headsets, all with dedicated Microsoft Teams buttons. This is Microsoft’s latest hardware attempt to push Microsoft Teams, after the company released new smart speakers for Teams last month and monitors started popping up with Teams buttons earlier this year. These aren’t the only headsets that have a Microsoft Teams button, but Microsoft is now trying to make it the new standard.

The first is Microsoft’s Surface Headphones 2 Plus for Business. Much like the Plus moniker on the Surface Pro 7 Plus, it’s more of a refresh than a major overhaul. All of the same features on the Surface Headphones 2, including battery life, remain the same, but Microsoft is now certifying these headphones for team use. This means there’s a dedicated Microsoft Teams button and a new USB dongle that includes an indicator light to let you know if you’re on mute.

Surface 2 Plus helmet.
Image: Microsoft

The new Surface Headphones 2 Plus dongle.
Image: Microsoft

As the name suggests, Microsoft only sells the Surface Headphones 2 Plus for Business (what a bite) to business and educational customers. The headphones will only be available in a black color option for $ 299.99 starting today.

Along with the Surface-branded headphones, Microsoft is also launching two new headsets with dedicated Microsoft Teams buttons. After launching an impressive Xbox Wireless Headset last month, Microsoft’s new modern wireless headset offers a somewhat similar option for laptops and PCs. This wireless headset features padded ear cups, a microphone that automatically mutes when you lift it up, and over-the-ear controls for mute, volume, and Teams controls.

Microsoft Modern Wireless Headphones.
Image: Microsoft

Modern USB headset from Microsoft.
Image: Microsoft

Although the headset includes Bluetooth support, it will require the included USB-A dongle for Microsoft Teams functionality. Microsoft promises up to 50 hours of music listening on this modern wireless headset, or up to 30 hours of Microsoft Teams talk time. The headset can be fully charged in two and a half hours. Microsoft isn’t releasing pricing for the modern wireless headset yet, but the company says it will ship to select markets in June.

If you’re not into wireless then there’s Microsoft’s modern USB headset. Despite its modern name, it connects via USB-A, not USB-C, and includes inline controls for volume, mute, and the Microsoft Teams button. This is primarily a lightweight headset with padded ear cups that is designed to be a somewhat affordable Microsoft Teams headset for $ 49.99. This headset will be available in June for business and educational customers.

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